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Keanu Reeves Net Worth

What Is Keanu Reeves Worth?

Keanu Reeves's Net Worth is $350 Million


In 1979, when Reeves was just 15, he acted at the Leah Posluns Theater in the stage generation of ‘Romeo and Juliet’. From that point onward, he did his presentation on TV with CBC Television’s sitcom ‘Hangin’In’. In the 1980s, he did advertisements for enormous brands like Coca-Cola, short movies like ‘One Step Away’, organize preparations like ‘Wolfboy’, and so forth. In 1984, he likewise did correspondence for a TV youth program ‘Going Great’, for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.


In 1986, Reeves did his first dramatization film ‘Stream’s Edge’ – the motion picture demonstrated a gathering of young people influenced by a murder. After the achievement of this motion picture, Reeves was saw and was offered an ever increasing number of parts in the motion pictures suitable for his age, similar to: ‘Perpetual Record’. In 1989, he assumed the part of ‘Ted Logan’ in the motion picture ‘Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure’ and in 1991 its spin-off ‘Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey’ turned out. These motion pictures did a ton of good to Reeves’ profession additionally stereotyped him into a ‘vexed high schooler’. The media began to depict him as a romantic adolescent.

With an end goal to break his cliché picture and push ahead from the adolescent motion pictures, Reeves played a youthful rich kid who invested more energy with individuals from the lower strata in the motion picture ‘My Private Idaho’ inverse River Phoenix. The motion picture was exceptionally generally welcomed by the commentators and functioned admirably towards breaking his picture as a divided out adolescent.


In 1992, he worked in the ‘Point Break’ which got him the MTV grant for the ‘Most Desirable Male’. Proceeding to assume genuine and significant parts, Reeves assumed the part of an unfortunate legal counselor who winds up into a vampire’s tunnel in “Dracula” in 1992.


In 1994, it was the ideal opportunity for Reeves to get a merited notoriety and position in Hollywood with the arrival of ‘Speed’. It made him a major spending activity star. He worked in the motion picture with effectively settled performer Sandra Bullock. Indeed, even after the gigantic achievement of ‘Speed’, he carried on accomplishing more test parts and furthermore acknowledged the offer for supporting parts the length of he felt that the part is significant and the script of the film is elegantly composed. He was offered to do ‘Speed 2: Cruise Control’, a continuation of “Speed” yet he declined to do it notwithstanding when he was offered around 11 million US dollars.

All through the late 90s, he did motion pictures like an American sentimental dramatization ‘A Walk in the Clouds’ in which he assumed the part of an armed force man who returns home after the war to settle down with his love bird spouse. It was an adjustment of an Italian film with the title ‘Four Steps in the Cloud’. In 1996, he did ‘Feeling Minnesota’ inverse Cameron Diaz, an American rom-com. At that point the time had come to do some enormous spending motion pictures like: ‘Johnny Mnemonic’, a science fiction discharged in the year 1995 and an activity thriller called ‘Chain Reaction’ discharged in 1996.

Every one of the motion pictures that Reeves did after the considerable achievement of “Speed” did not work out quite as well as one would have expected, however ‘The Devil’s Advocate’ in 1997, an American secret thriller, heightened his vocation. He featured alongside Al Pacino and Charliez Theron. The motion picture did in the cinema world and many film commentators said that Reeves’ acting abilities were developing with time. However, there were as yet a couple who felt that he could have improved.


It was 1999 and Reeves’ profession was going to touch the statures with Wachowski Brothers’ science fiction ‘The Matrix’. The motion picture did to a great degree well in the cinema world and Reeves’ character “Neo” turned into a moment hit with the group of onlookers and the film commentators. The accomplishment of this film was utilized as a part of making another two spin-offs to be specific: ‘The Matrix Reloaded (2003)’ and ‘The Matrix Revolution (2003)’. The set of three executed not surprisingly and did ponders for his profession. He had now settled himself as a performing artist with a flexible ability and develop disposition.

In the middle of finishing the set of three of ‘The Matrix’, Reeves did motion pictures like ‘The Gift’ in 2000, The Watcher in 2000, ‘Sweet November’ in 2001-a sentimental dramatization featuring Charlize Theron inverse him, a parody called ‘The Replacements’ in 2000 and ‘Something’s Gotta Give’ with Jack Nicholson. None of these films could truly leave a blemish on the diversion world and Reeve was censured for his acting aptitudes. In any case, “Constantine” in 2005, an awfulness thriller, did great in the cinematic world and everybody again began discussing how great Reeve’s was.


Again in 2006, Reeve’s motion picture ‘A Scanner Darkly’, a science fiction in view of the novel by Philip k. Dick, did genuinely well business savvy yet his highly anticipated sentimental dramatization ‘The Lake House’ in 2006 nearby his “Speed” co-star Sandra Bullock did not exactly an exercise for him and his profession and left gatherings of people and his fans feeling frustrated. His next couple of discharges like ‘Road Kings’ in 2008, ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’ in 2008 and ‘The Private Life of Pippa Lee’ in 2009 did gently in the cinematic world.


In 2010, Reeves did some low-spending motion pictures like ‘Henry’s Crime’ and ‘Era Um… ‘and did a major spending film also, known as ’47 Ronin’. Amid the shooting of these motion pictures, Reeves did pre-creation deal with his home-generation and directorial make a big appearance, ‘Man of Tai Chi’, a motion picture motivated by the life of a popular stand-in and his companion Tiger Chen. ‘Man of Tai Chi’ was debuted at the Cannes Film Festival and the Beijing Film Festival and was respected by John Woo, chief of activity motion pictures, nearby being granted in Beijing.


In 2011, Reeves created a narrative on the substitution of the photochemical film by the advanced camera innovation called ‘One next to the other’. He met the pro executives of the business like Christopher Nolan, James Cameron, Martin Scorsese, and so on. Around the same time, he composed a book called ‘Tribute to Happiness’ with photos by Alexandra Grant.

Keanu Reeves Biography

Keanu Charles Reeves conceived September 2, 1964, in Beirut Lebanon.

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