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Jackie Chan Net Worth

What Is Jackie Chan Worth?

Jackie Chan's Net Worth is $395 million


In 1976, Chan got an open door from a film maker in Hong Kong called Willie Chan to work in his motion picture as a double. The film was called ‘New Fist of Fury’ and it had Chan in the fundamental lead. The film did not do as Chan couldn’t show Bruce Lee’s hand to hand fighting style and the entire motion picture should be demonstrated on his style.


In 1978, Chan worked in the motion picture called ‘Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow’ which turned out to be a noteworthy achievement in his movie profession. Chan had full opportunity to stage his tricks as he preferred. This film was in charge of setting up the comedic kung fu type, which turned out to be exceptionally well known with the Hong Kong group of onlookers.

After the demise of hand to hand fighting wonder Bruce Lee, it happened upon Chan to tail him. Be that as it may, Chan chosen to concoct his own style of filmmaking. In the year 1978, he was pronounced to be the most famous combative technique hotshot in the majority of the Asia.


In 1980, he coordinated his first motion picture ‘The Young Master. This film turned into a super hit and was considered to the principal development blend of droll drama and hand to hand fighting.


In 1982, he coordinated and featured in another wander called the ‘Mythical Beast Lord’. In this film, he widely explored different avenues regarding complicated tricks.


In 1983, Chan featured in the motion picture ‘Extend A’ which incorporated the perilous trick driven style of hand to hand fighting. This motion picture was pronounced as the victor of the Best Action Design Award at the third yearly Hong Kong Film Awards.


In 1985, Chan created and coordinated and additionally featured in ‘Police Story’, which was a Hollywood-affected activity drama. The motion picture packed away the Best Film grant at the Hong Kong Film Awards.

Chan planned the ‘Jackie Chan Stuntmen Association’ in the time of 1985 in light of the fact that numerous stand-ins were harmed amid the taping of the motion picture ‘Police Story’ and nobody was prepared to work with Chan once more. This affiliation was framed to remember the security and advantages of stand-ins.


In 1987, he acted and coordinated the motion picture ‘Defensive layer of God’ which turned into his greatest household accomplishment in the cinematic world. It was said to have earned around 35 million Hong Kong dollars. After this, he made ‘Supernatural occurrences – Mr. Canton and Lady Rose’ which likewise did incredible business. Because of the accomplishment of these two films, Chan framed the creation organization called the ‘Brilliant Way’.


From 1988-1998, colossal number of offers began coming his direction the distance from the Hollywood, similar to: ‘Thunder in the Box’, ‘Police Story 2’, ‘Defensive layer of God II: Operation Condor’, ‘Police Story 3: Super Cop’, ‘Tanked Master II’ and ‘Police Story 4: First Strike’. At first, Chan was offered to play a lowlife in Hollywood motion pictures however he would not like to the regular parts or play a cliché character. He declined the Role offered to him in the motion picture ‘Devastation Man’ by Sylvester Stallone. He was offered an ever increasing number of parts notwithstanding his constrained learning of English Language.

In 1998, Chan featured in the Hollywood motion picture ‘Surge Hour’ which was an immense hit in the cinematic world. He worked in the film with the comic performing artist Chris Tucker. With the gigantic achievement of this motion picture, both the stars reteamed again for the spin-off ‘Surge Hour 2’ in 2001. Thusly, he worked in enormous spending motion pictures like ‘The Tuxedo’, ‘Shanghai Knights’, ‘Shanghai Noon’ (inverse Owen Wilson).

Chan voiced the character “Shang” in the film “Mulan” and sang its unique soundtrack. Additionally, from the years 2000-2005, he loaned his voice to the toon ‘Jackie Chan Adventures’, to the character in view of him.


In 2003, he collaborated with the British entertainer Lee Evans and Claire Forlani in the motion picture ‘The Medallion’. This motion picture did not do in the cinema world.

In 2004, he worked in the motion picture called ‘Far and wide in 80 Days’ which was a better than average accomplishment in the cinema world.


The year 2005 saw his discharges like ‘The Huadu Chronicles: Blade of the Rose’, ‘New Police Story’, ‘The Myth’ and ‘Robin-B-Hood’.


In 2007, ‘Surge Hour 3’ earned more than 258 million US dollars, in which Chan featured with Roman Polanski.


In 2011 ‘The Karate Kid’ was changed featuring Chan and Will Smith’s child Jaden Smith in it. The motion picture was a major accomplishment in the cinema world, winning more than 358 million US dollars. It was the abundantly discussed film of the year, which displayed a mix of Chinese-American combative technique.

The 100th motion picture of his vocation “1911” was discharged in 2011. This film is his first directorial wander after ‘Who Am I?’, discharged in 1998.

Jackie Chan Biography

Chan Kong-sang, SBS, MBE conceived 7 April 1954 in British Hong Kong, referred to professionally as Jackie Chan.

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