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Ice-T Net Worth

What Is Ice-T Worth?

Ice-T's Net Worth is $40 million


In1979, he joined the U.S Army as the cash he got from offering cannabis and stolen auto stereos were insufficient to bolster his sweetheart and girl. He served in the Army for a long time.

1983, he came back to South Central with the goal of turning into a hip-bounce performer yet his life became involved with road wrongdoing as a gem criminal and pimp.

By 1983, he had embraced the name Ice-T out of appreciation for Iceberg Slim and recorded a rap called, The Coldest Rap, over a loco Jimmy Jam-Terry Lewis backing track on the autonomous mark Saturn


In 1985, he was injured in a fender bender and was hospitalized. Exceptionally anxious to seek after an expert rapping profession, he won an open mic rivalry judged by Kurtis Blow.

In the wake of sharpening his specialty by making music for recordings and discharging recordings, he marked with Sire Records in 1987 and discharged ‘Rhyme Pays’, his introduction collection, which in the end went gold.

Between1987 and 1988, he recorded the title signature melody for Dennis Hopper’s film, Colors, about internal city group life in Los Angeles, and a moment collection, Power, which got positive audits and a gold affirmation.

He collaborated with previous Dead Kennedy’s front man Jello Biafra, for the wry commence track of his collection, The Iceberg/Freedom of Speech… Just Watch What You Say, in 1989.

His 1992 collection, Body Count, had the disputable tune, Cop Killer, a melody planned as a story from the perspective of a criminal getting revenge on supremacist cops.

This discussion provoked Time Warner to hinder the arrival of Home Invasion, Ice-T’s next solo collection in 1993. The craftsman soon broke with Sire/Warner Bros. Records, discharging his work through Priority Records.


In 1993, he featured in the drama, Who’s the Man? as a street pharmacist who gets baffled when somebody calls him by his genuine name, Chauncey, as opposed to his road name, Nighttrain.

He worked together with substantial metal groups amid this day and age. For the film, ‘Judgment Night’, he did a two part harmony with Slayer and in 1995, he was visitor performed on Forbidden by Black Sabbath.

His ensuing collections, VI – Return of the Real and The Seventh Deadly Sin and Gangsta Rap, in the vicinity of 1996 and 1999 bombed as they strayed from the topics of his more effective works.


Since 2000, he has depicted the anecdotal NYPD Detective Odafin Tutuola on the NBC police dramatization, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. The arrangement has seen fifteen seasons and 304 scenes.

Parallel to his music profession, he additionally had a go at following up on the extra large screen, discovering parts in films, for example, New Jack City, Ricochet, Trespass, Surviving the Game, and Johnny Mnemonic.

In his own existence appear in 2006, Ice-T Rap School, on VH, he shows eight high schoolers from York Preparatory School who vie for an impersonation gold chain with a receiver on it.

Ice-T Biography

Ice-T was conceived Tracy Marrow on February 16, 1958, to Solomon, an African-American who filled in as a transport line technician at the Rapistan Conveyor Company and Alice Marrow, a Creole, in Newark, New Jersey.

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Ice-T Instagram

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