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Harvey Levin Net Worth

What Is Harvey Levin Worth?

Harvey Levin's Net Worth is $15 million


Levin’s first TV work was for Los Angeles-based KNBC-TV in 1982 where he secured legitimate issues. He would later join KCBS-TV and spent 10 years doing investigative announcing and lawful examination at the station. His TV profession rose to unmistakable quality from his scope of the O. J. Simpson kill situation where he was routinely on-camera.

He additionally took a shot at The People’s Court in the wake of awing a group part with his legitimate examination. He has taken a shot at The People’s Court in some limit with regards to 25 years. With his stimulation vocation flourishing, Levin deactivated his bar enrollment in 1996. He later made Celebrity Justice, which kept running from 2002 to 2005.


In 2005, AOL and Telepictures Productions propelled TMZ with Levin as the organizer and overseeing supervisor. The site rapidly rose to noticeable quality when it broke the account of Mel Gibson’s DUI capture and resulting prejudice tirade. It would later break the news in regards to various prominent VIP stories including the mishandling of Rihanna by Chris Brown, the passings of Heath Ledger, Brittany Murphy, and Michael Jackson. The Los Angeles Times named TMZ’s scope of the Jackson passing as the greatest story the site had secured to date.

Levin met with President Donald Trump on March 7 in the Oval Office and visited for 60 minutes. Levin “just truly enjoys effective individuals, and he truly loves having companions who are capable, and who superior to the President of the United States? I believe he’s quite recently blinded by the way that the President calls him on the telephone. I think he just believes that is truly cool,” a previous staff member told ThinkProgress.

Harvey Levin Productions, the organization that produces TMZ and Levin’s other media ventures, was made in 1983 after Levin joined The People’s Court. Notwithstanding making Celebrity Justice, Harvey Levin Productions created Beyond Twisted, which disclosed in 2009 for one season before getting crossed out.

Another creation, Famous in 12, was a 2014 analysis on The CW about misusing a family for distinction. Like Beyond Twisted, Famous in 12 was wiped out after one season with just five of the booked twelve scenes publicized.

Harvey Levin Biography

Harvey Robert Levin conceived September 2, 1950, in Los Angeles County, California. He is an American TV maker, attorney, lawful expert, and VIP columnist. He is the author of big name news site TMZ.

Levin was a dynamic lawyer in the territory of California from December 18, 1975, until January 1, 1996. In the mid-70s, Levin showed law at the University of Miami School of Law under Soia Mentschikoff. He quickly drilled in Los Angeles before coming back to instruct at Whittier College School of Law.

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Harvey Levin Instagram

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