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Harley Morenstein Net Worth

What Is Harley Morenstein Worth?

Harley Morenstein's Net Worth is $7 million

Harley Morenstein began life as a substitute history instructor at

the Lakeside Academy in Lachine. Despite everything he takes classes

now and again. In any case, he generally needed to be a piece of

Broadway and explored different avenues regarding the web in his

extra time. One of his initial recordings, which he made with his

companions, included him eating a six-patty, 18-bacon strip

cheeseburger. The span of the burger and Harley’s provincial look

made the video viral on the web.


He co-made the YouTube channel, ‘Epic Meal Time’ with Sterling Toth

in 2010. The channel has more than seven million supporters and 300

portions today. The program’s prosperity can be estimated from its

visitor stats that incorporate names, for example, performer and

humorist Seth Rogen, proficient skateboarder and on-screen

character, Tony Hawk, and the renowned on-screen character and

a lawmaker Arnold Schwarzenegger.


The ubiquity of his nourishment demonstrate provoked him to begin

his own creation organization ‘NextTime Productions’ with his

sibling in Los Angeles. He delivered the turn-off TV program called

‘Epic Meal Empire’ in 2014, which is as yet demonstrating each

Tuesday on FYI TV. Harley stars in his show which has film to cover

individuals shopping, cooking and eating distinctive sorts of food.

Harley kept on investing a great deal of energy probing the net and

began a Vine on facial hair shaving in 2013. In view of his

trademark whiskers and transcending stature, he wound up popular on

his Vine. His ubiquity inspired him to take up Vlogging bigly. His

Vlog channel, which includes his own existence with his canine,

sweetheart and individuals from his nourishment channels ended up

viral with more than 300,000 endorsers in the blink of an eye.

Morenstein has additionally done his share of acting in music

recordings and movies. He initially showed up in a video for the

melody called ‘Epic wRap’ by Destorm on YouTube in 2011. He

likewise had a part in individual YouTuber, Freddie Wong’s video

an, ‘Computer game High School’. He has supported a

business for the Ubisoft music computer game, ‘Simply Dance 4’ by

his appearance in the limited time crusade with Shane Dawson.

He soon graduated to standard movies with a cameo part in Kevin

Smith’s repulsiveness parody films ‘Tusk’ and ‘Yoga Horses’. He

likewise featured in the treasury film ‘Occasions’ and had a lead

a part of the Canadian Horror Trilogy, ‘Moose Jaws’.


In 2015, he was thrown into the zombie film, ‘Dead Rising:


In spite of the fact that Harley has enhanced into various fields,

despite everything, he alludes to himself as a history instructor.

Other than his acting vocation, he has four webs appears, three You

Tube channels, two cookbooks with more than 17 million supporters

and total assets of more than six million dollars.

Harley Morenstein Biography

Harland “Harley” Morenstein conceived on July 20, 1985, in Montreal,

Quebec, Canada. He is a Canadian performing artist, Internet

identity and vlogger. He co-made delivers and has the YouTube

indicate Epic Meal Time and its FYI TV turn off arrangement Epic

Meal Empire. He additionally runs an effective vlog channel. He is

one of the three staying unique individuals from the show alongside

Ameer Atari and Adam Lemco.

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