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Dara Singh Net Worth

What Is Dara Singh Worth?

Dara Singh's Net Worth is $50,299,607

As a grown-up, he was 6 feet 2 inches (1.88 m) tall, weighed 127 kilograms (280 lb) and had a chest estimation of 53 inches (130 cm). Because of his physical make-up, he was urged to take up pehlwani, an Indian style of wrestling. Subsequent to changing to proficient wrestling, he contended the world over with adversaries, for example, Bill Verna, Firpo Zbyszko, John Da Silva, Rikidōzan, Danny Lynch and Ski Hi Lee and so on., his demonstration of deck King Kong is never forgotten.


In 1954 Dara contended in the Rustam-e-Hind (Champion of India) competition where he won the last by crushing Tiger Joginder Singh and got a silver glass from Maharaja Hari Singh.


In 1959, he won the Commonwealth Championship by crushing George Gordienko at Calcutta.


On 29 May 1968 in Bombay, his triumph over Lou Thesz earned him the World Wrestling Championship.


His last competition, where he reported his retirement, was held in Delhi in June 1983.


In 1996 he was drafted into the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame.

Singh left his town for Singapore in 1948. He began his profession as a performer in 1952 with Sangdil. He was a trick film on-screen character for a long time and assumed his first lead part in Babubhai Mistry’s film King Kong (1962). From around 1963 he cooperated regularly with Mumtaz, with whom he performed in 16 Hindi movies. The couple turned into the most generously compensated B-review on-screen characters, with Singh accepting almost four lakh rupees for each film.

He at that point went ahead to do TV in the late 1980s, where he assumed the part of Hanuman in the TV adjustment of the Hindu epic Ramayan. He likewise had parts in various movies, for example, Veer Bheem Sen and Ramayan, and in other TV serials.

His last Hindi film was Jab We Met and the last Punjabi motion picture discharged before his disease was Dil Apna Punjabi. He acted in National Award-winning movie Main Maa Punjab Dee coordinated by Balwant Singh Dullat. He coordinated seven Punjabi films including Sawa Lakh Se Ek Ladaun, Nanak Dukhiya Sub Sansar, Dhyanu Bhagat and Rab Dian Rakhan. He likewise coordinated two movies in Hindi; Bhakti Mein Shakti and Rustom (1982), which were created and coordinated under the flag “Dara Film” which he set up in 1970.

Singh was the proprietor of Dara Studio at Mohali, District Mohali, Punjab. Dara Film Studio was established in 1978. The studio was operational from 1980 as a film studio.


Singh joined the Bharatiya Janata Party in January 1998. He turned into the principal sportsperson to be designated to the Rajya Sabha — the upper place of the Parliament of India. He served in that part in the vicinity of 2003 and 2009. He was likewise leader of the Jat Mahasabha.

Dara Singh Biography

Dara Singh conceived on November 19, 1928 – 12 July 2012 in Amritsar, Punjab Province, British India. He was an Indian expert wrestler, performing artist, and legislator. He began acting in 1952 and was the primary sportsman to be selected to the Rajya Sabha (upper house) of India. He acted as Hindi and Punjabi movie maker, executive and essayist, and he acted in movies and television.He is known for his part of Hanuman in film Bajrangi(1976) and in Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan.

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