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Dana White Net Worth

What Is Dana White Worth?

Dana White's Net Worth is $500 million


While functioning as a director for Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell, White discovered that Semaphore Entertainment Group, the parent organization of the UFC, was searching for a purchaser for the UFC. White reached youth companion Lorenzo Fertitta, an official at Station Casinos and a previous magistrate of the Nevada State Athletic Commission. Inside a month, in January 2001, Lorenzo and his more seasoned sibling Frank purchased the UFC with White introduced as its leader.

White claims 9% of Zuffa, LLC, the substance the Fertitta siblings made to possess and deal with the UFC. In July 2016 the UFC was sold to a consortium of speculators drove by WME-IMG. White affirmed the deal however did not declare the cost. He included that he would be proceeding in his part as president.

In May 2017, the UFC reported White would hold Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series month to month on UFC Fight Pass. Likewise with the prior web arrangement Looking for a Fight, the objective of the arrangement is for White to scout ability for the UFC.


In 2007, White blamed Top Rank Boxing Promoter, Bob Arum of “draining the life out of the game (boxing) and not returning anything in.” Amongst White’s reactions were that Arum had made a feeble undercard for the Oscar De La Hoya versus Floyd Mayweather super battle in 2007 by not advancing the show accurately. “He advanced that show totally the wrong way since he stressed over the cash rather than attempting to secure the future”, White said. “He ought to have stacked that card. He ought to have had Shane Mosley and Bernard Hopkins and [Marco Antonio] Barrera and Winky Wright on there and utilized it to demonstrate that boxing is back.” Arum reacted by saying that MMA warriors need to analyze the incomes being created and inquire as to why the UFC was not paying them more. White has likewise said that Arum is the “Most moronic promoter ever”, a “nitwit” and a “blockhead”. Arum answered that MMA contenders are “folks moving around like gay people on the ground.” Earlier in the year, Arum portrayed UFC President Dana White as “nuts” and “excessively a lot of an unstable presence.”

White and previous UFC Light Heavyweight and Heavyweight champion Randy Couture have had some contention. White expressed in a meeting that he has “no regard for Couture, not even a bit. The main time when he’s a man is the point at which he ventures in that enclosure.” When Couture resigned from the game and after that in this way marked on with Spike and Bellator, White guaranteed that Couture “Deceived me, not to my face, not via telephone, but rather through content.”

Among White’s many quarrels, his most pitched have been his fight with previous UFC Light Heavyweight Champion and UFC Hall of Famer Tito Ortiz. Their fight started not long after White moved toward becoming leader of the UFC when he revealed to Ortiz he could never again be his administrator. Ortiz felt sold out. Ortiz at that point expressed that White “never did anything for him,” and White expressed he didn’t get paid “a fucking dime.” Their quarrel came to the heart of the matter to where the two consented to battle in a three-round display bout.

Inevitably, Ortiz hauled out of the match by not showing up the day of the measure ins. In 2014, White even expressed in a meeting that “I used to give a good old fashioned thumping to Tito Ortiz.”


In 2008, at the measure ins for UFC 84, Ortiz wore a T-shirt saying “Dana is my bitch.” White additionally expressed in a meeting that Ortiz is the “Least expensive Motherfucker on the planet Earth.”

In 2013, Ortiz called White a “Slave ace” and White reacted by expressing that Ortiz was a “fucking jokester” and “one of the stupidest mother lovers you’ll ever meet.” In 2014, Ortiz blamed the UFC for “deleting” his inheritance, after his record of 15 wins was changed and Jon Jones was named the record holder for most wins in the light heavyweight weight class. Ortiz referenced the individual question with White as a purpose behind the update, and he facilitated his assaults on White with assertions of steroid utilize.

White has been extremely vocal about his abhorrence of previous UFC warrior and open weight champion Ken Shamrock. Shamrock had been known to align himself with other battling advancements rivaling the UFC, have hostile contract question with White, and think about issues with White literally. There was additionally one moment that Shamrock recorded a claim against White, in which the judge led in the UFC’s support. White expressed that Shamrock owes him cash for the claim and expressed that he had done as such much for the previous UFC extraordinary and felt the MMA legend was dissatisfied for his endeavors.


In a 2009 video blog, annoyed with revealing and remarks made by blended hand to hand fighting journalist Loretta Hunt, White utilized swearwords and disdainful dialect when alluding to Hunt. He likewise utilized swearwords when alluding to hotspots for some news reports, including a hostile to gay slur.

Dana White Biography

Dana Frederick White Jr. conceived July 28, 1969, in Manchester, Connecticut, U.S. He is an American representative and the present President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), which is the biggest blended hand to hand fighting (MMA) association on the planet. Under White’s authority, the UFC has developed into a universally famous multibillion-dollar undertaking.

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