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Dan Avidan Net Worth

What Is Dan Avidan Worth?

Dan Avidan's Net Worth is $3 million


In late 2003, Avidan joined the outside of the box shake band the Northern Hues, a Philadelphia-based gathering made in mid-2002, made out of guitarists Aron Brand and Jeff Rains, Alex Yaker, Justin Earley, and Ian Creech. Avidan went about as the gathering’s lead artist and musician and gave a large portion of the band’s verses while remaining in northern New Jersey.


They discharged one self-titled EP and one live track recorded in mid-2005, at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia. In mid-2005, the band part up; Avidan credits the division to investing “years in [a band] that went no place because of the absence of arranging and core interest.”


In the winter of 2006, Avidan collaborated with Peter Lennox to shape a Brooklyn-based option pop couple named Skyhill. Once more, Avidan went about as lead artist and musician, and the gathering discharged one full collection, Run With the Hunted, on May 16, 2007.


They visited New York in 2008, preceding in the long run isolating because of inventive contrasts. On October 7, 2015, Avidan and Lennox come back to discharge the single Firefly, acclaimed for the band’s “developing in both verses and sound” over their past collection.


In 2009, Avidan started considering narrating at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in New York, under the direction of Margot Leitman and had conceptualized the likelihood of another melodic venture. Needing a maker, Avidan was acquainted with Brian Wecht, who was the melodic executive of another troupe, by shared companions at the theater. Avidan had as of now picked the name “Ninja Sex Party,” notwithstanding planning an ensemble for himself, and cooperated with Wecht to make characters to speak to the band. They in the long run settled with “Danny Sexbang” as Avidan’s character, and “Ninja Brian” as Wecht’s. The couple initially picked up fame by executing as a melodic visitor on Leitman’s improvisational satire indicates Stripped Stories. Propelled by The Lonely Island and Flight of the Conchords, the band is around “a Jewish superhero who wears a unitard, with his closest companion who’s a ninja, and together they sing tunes about dicks, and attempt to hit [unsuccessfully] on ladies.”

The gathering has discharged a few studio collections and singles, a large number of the last of which have outlined on Billboard. Starting at 2016, they have discharged three studio collections, one cover collection, and are delivering one untitled collection yet to be discharged, and in addition a moment cover collection.

The band has likewise shown up at different film celebrations, including SXSW, Dragon Con, and the LACS.


In mid-2013, Jon Jafari left his position as co-host of the Let’s Play web arrangement Game Grumps. With Jafari’s takeoff, Arin Hanson, maker of the arrangement, conveyed Avidan on to supplant him as co-host. Avidan would likewise join Ross O’Donovan as co-host of the Game Grumps turn off show Steam Train, where both play PC amusements. Avidan has remained the co-host of the show since. Furthermore, Avidan has gone about as a co-host of different shows from the Game Grumps stage, including Grumpcade and Steam Rolled, and in addition giving portrayal to Hunting Monsters.

In late 2013, Avidan, Wecht, and Hanson collaborated to make a side venture band named Starbomb, with Avidan as the lead vocalist musician. The band composes spoof melodies about computer games, uniting the sexually provocative music stylings of Avidan’s Ninja Sex Party and the computer game based funniness of Hanson.


Starting at 2016, the gathering has discharged two collections, both of which have put on different Billboard outlines.

Dan Avidan Biography

Leigh Daniel “Dan” Avidan conceived March 14, 1979, in Springfield, New Jersey, additionally known by his stage name Danny Sexbang in Springfield, New Jersey.

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