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C.T. Fletcher Net Worth

What Is C.T. Fletcher Worth?

C.T. Fletcher's Net Worth is $1.5 Million

In 1979, he started to take Karate classes and earned a second-degree black belt. In 1980, he started weightlifting and lifting weights. At first, he was interested in lifting weights but then powerlifting caught his interest. Amid the mid-1990s, his marriage finished. While working at the post office, he met a lady and in 1995 they had a child, Samson. Altogether, he and his significant other have 7 children. Because of his work routine, he ate a lot of fast-sustenance. This unhealthy diet caused him to become a frequent patient in hospitals, he created hypertension because of this diet. At the time, he didn’t appear to be affected but the doctors cautioned not to continue his unfortunate propensity. In 2001, he received a telephone call from his doctor with respect to his hypertension and how it can be dangerous. His body had taken a noteworthy hit and he was debilitated at age 42. In 2004, he lost his mother, Ogie Rea Fletcher. She passed far from congestive heart disappointment. The next year, 2005, he was admitted to a hospital in Long Beach, Virginia from that point he was transported to UCI Medical Center for open heart surgery. In 2013, he started vlogging on YouTube. In 2016, he opened his first exercise center, Iron Addicts Gym in Signal, California.

CT Fletcher is additionally now known as a successful entrepreneur and a fitness icon with a colossal after on the web.

Fletcher dwells in Signal Hill, California.

C.T. Fletcher Biography

C.T. Fletcher conceived on June 8, 1959, in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, U.S. He is an American powerlifting vlogger, media personality, actor, fitness coach, and previous powerlifter and weight lifter. He is a three-time World Bench Press Champion and three-time World Strict Curl Champion.

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