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Bob Saget Net Worth

What Is Bob Saget Worth?

Bob Saget's Net Worth is $100 million


In 1987, Saget got the chance to end up noticeably a piece of ‘The Morning Program’ to add diversion to the show. The show was co-facilitated by Mariette Hartley and Rolland Smith, yet this spell did not keep going long.

In the wake of losing ‘The Morning Show’, Saget handled the best part of his profession. He assumed the part of a widowed father on ‘Full House’. The show was on main 20 soon after it was debuted on ABC.


In 1990, Saget turned into a piece of another comic show and began facilitating ‘America’s Funniest Home Videos’. It obliged him to give moves between the recordings and gave his humorous critique.

After ‘Full House’ was crossed out, Saget proceeded onward to do stand-up satire again and this time turned out with stuff which was viewed as tense and now and again offensive. In 1996, he made a TV motion picture called ‘For Hope’.


In 2001, he took up the main part in an American sitcom ‘Raising Dad’. He depicted the part of a widowed father of two young ladies. The show did not do and was taken off air soon.

In 2005, Saget did a narrative called ‘The Aristocrats’. Around a similar time he turned into the storyteller on a standout amongst the most celebrated sitcoms of this decade ‘How I Met Your Mother’.

In 2006, he began composing, delivering and giving voice over for the nature narrative satire ‘Sham of the Penguins’ and around this time he likewise turned into the host for the primetime amusement indicate ‘1 versus 100’.

In 2007, Saget made his own particular stand-up show called ‘Bounce Saget: That Ain’t Right’ for the HBO link arrange. He did Broadway make a big appearance amid this period called ‘The Dowry Chaperone’.

In 2010, he did ‘Unusual Days’ for A&E. The show was about displaying other individuals’ life, the diverse exercises they seek after and the way of life they have received. Their enterprises were displayed in the show.

Bob Saget Biography

Bounce Saget was conceived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Benjamin Saget and Rosalyn Saget. His dad was an official at a market and mother was a healing facility executive.

Saget chose to move to Los Angeles and attempted to depict his comic ability through stand-up schedules that he figured out how to get in comic clubs. He chipped away at his art there and become a close acquaintence with comics like Dave Coulier.

While as yet battling hard to get something generous for himself, Saget met Brad Gray who took up the occupation to deal with his undertakings and he began getting little parts in TV and motion pictures.

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