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Billie Joe Armstrong Net Worth

What Is Billie Joe Armstrong Worth?

Billie Joe Armstrong's Net Worth is $55 million


In 1987, he alongside his youth companion Mike Dirnt shaped a band, ‘Sweet Children’. They played the guitar while John Kiffmeyer played the drums and Sean Hughes was on bass. After Hughes left the band, Dirnt began playing the bass. In April 1989 they renamed their band as ‘Green Day’,owing to their dependence on maryjane. In 1989, they discharged their presentation EP ‘1,000 Hours’. Their presentation studio collection ’39/Smooth’ and the augmented play,’Slappy’ was recorded the following year. The aggregation ‘1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours’ incorporated both collections.

‘Tré Cool supplanted Sobrante as Green Day’s drummer and made his presentation with their second collection, ‘Kerplunk’.


The band broke into standard with their next collection, “Dookie” in 1994, offering more than 60 million records around the world.

Armstrong co-composed tunes with different specialists. Some of them being “Unforgiven” for the all-female American shake band “The Go-Go’s”, ‘The Angel and The Jerk’ and ‘New Day’ for Penelope Houston and “Radio” with the American punk shake band “Rank”.

Aside from creating collection for ‘The Riverdales’, he has likewise been related with a venture, ‘The Network’ in charge of the arrival of the collection ‘Cash Money 2020’ on Adeline Records which is co-claimed by him.

In 2010, he turned into a piece of the ‘American Idiot’ for one week and assumed the part of St. Jimmy. That year the band which his child was related with discharged a collection with Adeline Records and Armstrong’s melodic generation.

In 2013, he worked with the gathering ‘Forlorn Island’for their melody ‘I Run NY’of ‘The Wack Album’. He is currently bustling shooting for Frank Whaley’s motion picture ‘Like Sunday, Like Rain’ nearby Leighton Meester.


In 2014, he composed melodies for ‘These Paper Bullets’, an adjustment of the Shakespeare’s comedic play Much Ado About Nothing, with shake and-move music.

Billie Joe Armstrong Biography

Billie Joe Armstrong is an American artist, artist, musician and performing artist who is best known as the lead vocalist, essential lyricist, and guitarist of the punk shake band Green Day, which he helped to establish with Mike Dirnt.

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