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Alexander McQueen Net Worth

What Is Alexander McQueen Worth?

Alexander McQueen's Net Worth is $0 million


He earned his graduate degree in form outline from London’s Central Saint Martin’s in 1992 and his graduation gathering was purchased all together by Isabella Blow, a compelling design beautician of the time.

He began his own business, planning garments for ladies, and presented “bumster pants”, named so in view of their to a great degree low profile waistline.

After the dispatch of his first accumulation, he moved to Hoxton and propelled his second and third accumulations, named, ‘McQueen’s Theater of Cruelty’ and ‘The Birds’, individually.


McQueen composed closets for vocalist David Bowie’s 1996–97 visit and the coat that Bowie was wearing on the front of his collection “Earthling” was additionally planned by him.

He chipped away at the Icelandic artist Bjork’s collection cover for the collection “Homogenic” and guided one of the melodies from the collection, ‘Caution Call’.

One of his initial accumulations, titled ‘Good country Rape’ earned him the notoriety of being a disputable character and he was given the moniker ‘the convict of English form’.

In 1996, McQueen turned into the head creator of the Louis Vuitton Givenchy design line. His first gathering at Givenchy was not exceptionally fruitful.


His 1998 Autumn gathering show caused discussion when he included twofold amputee display Aimee Mullins striding down the catwalk on complicatedly cut wooden legs.


In December 2000, GUCCI obtained 51 percent stake in Alexander McQueen’s privately owned business and McQueen turned into the Creative Director. Quickly a short time later, McQueen left the Givenchy. The organization opened new stores in London, Milan and New York and furthermore propelled their new fragrances, Kingdom and My Queen.

His most praised demonstrate was the 2001 Spring/Summer accumulation, “VOSS” where a stripped model sat on a chaise longue wearing a gas cover inside a tremendous glass box containing moths. As the show started, the dividers fell away and crushed on the ground and shocked everybody.


In 2005, he teamed up with the German multinational organization Puma for a unique line of coaches and after a year propelled “McQ” a more youthful and lower estimated name for men and ladies.

Alexander McQueen Biography

Lee Alexander McQueen, CBE 17 March 1969 – 11 February 2010 in Lewisham, London.

Referred to professionally as Alexander McQueen, was a British form fashion designer and couturier.

From his apprenticeship at Angels and Bermans, McQueen aced six strategies for design cutting and built up his mark extremely sharp fitting. He at that point proceeded onward to work with Koji Tatsuno for a year and from that point progressed toward becoming outline right hand of renowned Italian mold fashioner Romeo Gigli.

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