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Alex Trebek Net Worth

What Is Alex Trebek Worth?

Alex Trebek's Net Worth is $50 million


He began facilitating the amusement demonstrate ‘Hot shots’ in 1974. He was in the show for its two keeps running—from 1974-76, and 1978-80, and furthermore in its syndicated season amid 1975-76.


Amid 1977-78 he facilitated the second period of ‘The $128,000 Question’. In the demonstrate every member was tested in a class of their ability. The show never enrolled high viewership appraisals and was suspended after the second season.

Subsequent to facilitating such a large number of amusement shows, he turned out to be extremely mainstream as a show have and was welcome to show up as a specialist or player on a few different shows including NBC’s ‘Card Sharks’ and ‘The Magnificent Marble Machine’.

He was solicited to have the syndicated form from the diversion demonstrate “Peril!” which was made by the renowned Merv Griffin who had additionally made the ‘Wheel of Fortune’.


Trebek started facilitating the show in 1984 and is proceeding with this part till date.

The show “Risk!” is a one of a kind amusement appear in which the competitors are given pieces of information to general learning as answers and need to state their reactions as inquiries. The show was exceptionally mainstream and was the victor of a few Daytime Emmy Awards.

He made history in 1991 when he turned into the principal individual in American communicate history to host three amusement appears in the meantime—’Risk!’, ‘Great Concentration’, and ‘To Tell the Truth’.

Alex Trebek Biography

George Alexander “Alex” Trebek is a Canadian-American TV character. He has been the host of the syndicated amusement indicate Jeopardy! since 1984, and has likewise facilitated various other amusement appears, .

He started his journalistic vocation as a commentator and sportscaster with the CBC channel. His claim to fame was national news and he soon picked up a notoriety for being an even tempered and dependable writer. He secured a few exceptional occasions for his stations’ radio and TV divisions.

Despite the fact that his part as a commentator was greatly valued, he changed riggings and turned into the host of the Canadian test indicate ‘Reach for the Top’ in 1966 in which groups of secondary school understudies went up against each other.

He moved to the U.S. in 1973 to further his vocation. His first occupation there was to have the new NBC diversion indicate ‘The Wizard of Odds’. The show was brief and kept going just a single season.

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