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A.J. Styles Net Worth

What Is A.J. Styles Worth?

A.J. Styles's Net Worth is $5.5 Million


At the 1998 National Championship wrestling in Georgia, Styles got his first enormous break, where he was trained by a legend Rick Michaels, however, lost his first singles match. Be that as it may, in 1999, he rose as the victor of Promotional Tour’s Television championship. Styles at that point went ahead to participate in several autonomous wrestling tournaments in the USA and outside.


In February 2002, Styles made his presentation in Australian advancement of WWA and got his first title in a type of WWA International Cruiserweight Championship after defeating Jerry Lynn. Styles invested some energy with East Coast Wrestling Association, Frontier Wrestling Alliance, World Championship Wrestling, and also happened to made two brief appearances in World Wrestling Federation (WWF).

Styles had a spell with TNA wrestling in mid-2002 and he wound up winning the inaugural TNA X Division Championship and soon got his hands on the Tag Team Championship as well. A couple of months later, he lost the X Division Championship to Low Ki and made several attempts to win it back, however, failed. He by one means or another regained the title in October, just to lose it again weeks later.

Upon his introduction in Ring of Honor, Styles rapidly became the wrestler to play in the main occasions of the show and lost his first title shot for the ROH World Championship, eventually turning into the main contender for the same later.


In 2003, he peered toward the ROH Tag Team Championship and partnered with Amazing Red for the same and wound up taking the title from The Prophecies.

Styles became the ROH Pure Wrestling Champion after defeating various wrestlers in a one-night occasion including CM Punk. In any case, the title became vacant once his contract with ROH terminated in 2004. Upon his arrival to ROH in 2005, he made several attempts at scoring the ROH World Championship title, however, was unsuccessful.


At the 2007 TNA, Styles won the TNA World Tag Team Championship along with Tomko, which they lost in 2008 and Styles, along with Samoa Joe created TNA Front Line, a team of adolescents and went up against The Main Event Mafia, having huge names, for example, Booker T and Kurt Angle. His fight with the then World Champion, Sting, started and styles wound up losing several matches for the title shot. However, by one means or another, he managed to defeat Booker T to secure Legends Championship.


In 2009, Styles won the TNA World Heavyweight Championship in a five-way grand match against any semblance of Matt Morgan, Sting, Kurt Angle, and Hernandez. He protected his title several times, eventually turning into a storyline villain, because of his cheats where he took the assistance of Ric Flair in the matches. In any case, Rob Van Dam finished Style’s Reign in 2010. Several attempts were made by Styles to regain the title however in vain.


In July 2010, Styles defeated Terry to get his hands on Global Championship, which he wound up losing soon after.


In 2012, he teamed up with Kurt Angle in a tag team and defeated Daniels and Kazarian to win the TNA World Tag Team Championship, which they lost to the same team half a month later and wound up unsuccessfully challenging the tag team champions a couple of times.


Styles made an arrival to Ring of Honor in 2014 and defeated Roderick Strong in his first match upon his arrival and rapidly became the main contender for the ROH World Heavyweight Championship, however in the match, he was defeated by champion Jay Lethal.


It was affirmed by WWE officials in January 2016 that styles were joining WWE and in the title shot at a Royal Rumble Match, he was eliminated in less than 30 minutes, losing the title and started an enduring quarrel with Chris Jericho, who was unpleasant at Styles for losing a tag team match, which they battled together.

It didn’t take Styles enough time to end up noticeably the main contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Title and on July 19, Styles was drafted to Smackdown. On September 2016, Styles defeated Ambrose to end up plainly the WWE World Champion and effectively defeated the title against John Cena and Ambrose in a three-way match.


Be that as it may, he lost the Championship to John Cena at the Royal Rumble and looked at WWE Championship at the start of 2017. In April, Styles became the main contender for the United States Championship and lost the title shot against Kevin Owens.

Styles has also been associated with New Japan Pro wrestling and has been effective in winning the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. He was also the leader of the Bullet Club. Among his other free circuit wins are PWG World Championship along with RPW British Heavyweight Championship.

A.J. Styles Biography

Allen Neal Jones conceived June 2, 1977, in Jacksonville, North Carolina, U.S. He best known by the ring name AJ Styles (also adapted as A.J. Styles), is an American professional wrestler who is marked to WWE, where he performs on the SmackDown brand and is the current WWE Champion in his second rule. Since quite a while ago regarded as one of the world’s best professional wrestlers, Styles has headlined various pay-per-see occasions internationally.

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