CANN – The New Cannabis Cocktail: Review, Flavors, Shipping & $20 Off Coupon

Introduction to CANN – The New Age Social Tonic

CANN is the go-to brand for a new generation of cannabis consumers seeking a refreshing, social buzz. Their line of microdosed beverages, touted as “social tonics,” provides a unique alternative to alcohol, focusing on quality ingredients, award-winning flavors, and just the right amount of THC and CBD.

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CANN sets itself apart by offering a diverse range of flavors, including the popular Blood Orange Cardamom, Lemon Lavender, and Grapefruit Rosemary. These artisanal flavors speak to the brand’s commitment to quality and creativity.

“It left me bubbly, sociable, and in a pleasant haze”

Embracing the Cannabis Experience

The combination of THC and CBD in CANN‘s beverages offers a balanced experience that’s ideal for social situations.

If you live in New York, you can have CANN delivered to your home. Use this link to save $20 off your first order.

Each can packs 2mg of THC and 4mg of CBD – enough to give you a relaxing, yet sociable buzz. And because they’re hangover-free, they’re perfect for those who love to socialize without the painful aftermath.

Microdosed for the perfect effect. Hangover free. No painful days after drinking or regrets.

Unpacking the Hi Boy Starter Pack

The Hi Boy Starter Pack is an excellent introduction to the CANN experience. It includes three 4-packs: Blood Orange Cardamom Hi Boys, Lemon Lavender Hi Boys, and Grapefruit Rosemary Hi Boys. Each flavor is unique and appealing, bringing something different to the table.

The Hi Boy Starter Pack includes: One 4 Pack of Blood Orange Cardamom Hi Boys One 4 Pack of Lemon Lavender Hi Boys One 4 Pack of Grapefruit Rosemary Hi Boys

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Customer satisfaction is crucial for any brand, and CANN is no exception. The brand currently boasts a strong 4.90 rating out of 5 based on 10 reviews. Many customers cite the great taste, relaxing effects, and quality sleep they’ve experienced after consuming these social tonics.

“Love these… Lemon Lavender and BOC are my favorites. I especially enjoy the HI Boy products. They are perfect at the end of the day, it takes the edge off and allows me to relax, or on the weekend by the pool, social and chill. The best part no after effects the following morning…. my go to from now on!!!” – Lorie Eastep

Buy Cann in New York: Where to Find It

Business Address City Order Supplier
Roll & X Deli & Grill 698 Fulton St 3.0 mi Pickup Stockist
Fresh Garden 729 Fulton St 3.0 mi Pickup Stockist
Mr Mango 59 Lafayette Ave 3.1 mi Pickup Stockist
Rocky Deli and Grill 721 Fulton St 3.1 mi Pickup Stockist
Brooklyn Fare – Schermerhorn St 200 Schermerhorn St 3.4 mi Pickup Stockist
Court Street Corner Shop 304 Court St 3.5 mi Pickup Stockist
Dreams Gourmet 170 Court St 3.7 mi Pickup Stockist
Key Foods 169 Atlantic Ave 3.8 mi Pickup Stockist
Champion Deli and Grill 121 Atlantic Ave 3.9 mi Pickup Stockist
Brooklyn Heights Deli 292 Henry St 3.9 mi Pickup Stockist
Wize Organic Market 505 Union Ave 4.7 mi Pickup Stockist
Metro Organic 135 Metropolitan Ave 4.7 mi Pickup Stockist
Joe’s Busy Corner Deli 552 Driggs Ave 4.8 mi Pickup Stockist
JR Union Market 568 Union Ave 4.8 mi Pickup Stockist
Organic Planet Pharmacy 205 N 9th St 4.8 mi Pickup Stockist
Blue Star Deli 715 Lorimer St 4.8 mi Pickup Stockist
Depanneur 242 Wythe Ave 4.8 mi Pickup Stockist
Bedford Fruit Market 146 Bedford Ave 4.9 mi Pickup Stockist
20 North 5th St Deli (One Northside Piers) 20 N 5th St, #2 5.0 mi Pickup Stockist
North Side Deli 135 Kent Ave 5.0 mi Pickup Stockist
Walk In Deli 87 Wythe Ave 5.1 mi Pickup Stockist
Upstate Stock 2 Berry St 5.1 mi Pickup Stockist
Corner Grocers 140 Orchard St 5.4 mi Pickup Stockist
Taasha Deli 400 Broome St 5.7 mi Pickup Stockist
Market on Kent 921 Manhattan Ave 5.7 mi Pickup Stockist
Endomen 55 Spring St 5.7 mi Pickup Stockist
Mulberry Market 251 Mulberry St 5.8 mi Pickup Stockist
The Alchemists Kitchen 119 Crosby St 5.9 mi Pickup Stockist
Bleecker’s Finest Deli 171 Bleecker St 6.2 mi Pickup Stockist
Sam’s Deli 275 West 4th Street 6.7 mi Pickup Stockist
Big Famous Deli 244 W 14th St 6.9 mi Pickup Stockist
Sahadi’s 187 Atlantic Ave 7.0 mi Pickup Stockist
Westside Market 170 W 23rd St 7.1 mi Pickup Stockist
Antalya Convenience 225 7th Ave 7.1 mi Pickup Stockist
Chelsea Gourmet 259 7th Ave 7.1 mi Pickup Stockist
Chelsea Gourmet Deli 234 8th Ave 7.2 mi Pickup Stockist
S&A Gourmet Deli 240 8th Ave 7.2 mi Pickup Stockist
Chelsea Deli + Cafe 130 9th Ave 7.2 mi Pickup Stockist
The Pass 1375 N Main St 107.5 mi 4 products Pickup
Farnsworth Fine Cannabis 126 Main St 111.3 mi 5 products Pickup
Affinity – West Springfield 175 Circuit Ave 121.5 mi 3 products Pickup
Temescal Wellness – Pittsfield 2 products Delivery Supplier
Berkshire Roots – Pittsfield 501 Dalton Ave 130.1 mi 6 products Pickup
Liberty – Easthampton 155 Northampton St 130.8 mi 6 products Pickup
NETA Northampton 118 Conz St 133.7 mi 5 products Pickup
Balagan Cannabis 235 Main St 133.9 mi 3 products Pickup
Resinate – Northampton 110 Pleasant St 134.0 mi 3 products Pickup
Enlite Cannabis Dispensary 391 Damon Rd 135.1 mi 6 products Pickup
Heal Cannabis Sturbridge 660 Main St 138.6 mi 6 products Pickup
Green Meadows Farm – Southbridge 64 Mill St 139.9 mi 5 products Pickup
RISE Amherst 169 Meadow St 141.7 mi 6 products Pickup
Garden Wonders Cannabis 1 Buxton St 154.6 mi 1 product Pickup
Mayflower – Worcester 645 Park Ave 155.5 mi 4 products Pickup
Resinate – Worcester 1191 Millbury St 156.2 mi 3 products Pickup
Mission Worcester 640 Lincoln St, Suite 200 160.6 mi 2 products Pickup
Northeast Alternatives 999 William S Canning Blvd 161.6 mi 3 products Pickup
High Hopes – Hopedale 1 Menfi Way, Unit 9 161.6 mi 3 products Pickup
Campfire Cannabis – Boylston 65 W Boylston St 163.1 mi 4 products Pickup
Boterra – Franklin 1256 W Central St 163.4 mi 3 products Pickup
Sanctuary Medicinals – Gardner 16 Pearson Blvd 167.0 mi 2 products Pickup
KOSA 505 Boston Post Rd W 168.3 mi 7 products Pickup
Temescal Wellness – Hudson 2 products Delivery Supplier
Native Sun Cannabis – Hudson 37 Coolidge St 171.6 mi Accepts Cash 1 product
Garden Remedies Med – Marlborough 416 Boston Post Rd E 172.3 mi 3 products Pickup
Green Meadows Farm – Fitchburg 50 Whalon St 172.8 mi 3 products Pickup
Zen Leaf – Sharon 2 Merchant St 173.6 mi 2 products Pickup
BASK Cannabis 2 Pequod Rd 173.8 mi 2 products Pickup
Local Roots – Fitchburg 371 Lunenburg St 174.8 mi 1 product Pickup
Temescal Wellness – Framingham 1 product Delivery Supplier
United Cultivation 601 Fitchburg State Rd 177.4 mi 4 products Pickup
RISE Maynard 24 Main St 178.6 mi 1 product Pickup
Cannapi 255 N Pearl St 180.1 mi 3 products Pickup
Gage Cannabis Co. 38 Littleton Rd 180.1 mi Accepts Cash, Debit 2 products
Redi Cannabis Dispensary 24 Elliot St 182.7 mi 3 products Pickup
The Collective – Littleton 537 Great Rd 183.3 mi 2 products Pickup
Garden Remedies – Newton 697 Washington St, 101 184.7 mi 3 products Pickup
Uma Flowers 2 Tarbell St 185.7 mi 4 products Pickup
Panacea Wellness – Quincy 216 Ricciuti Dr 186.6 mi 1 product Pickup
Bud’s Goods & Provisions – Abington 1540 Bedford St 186.6 mi 2 products Delivery
NETA Brookline 160 Washington St 187.2 mi 5 products Pickup

Get in Touch

For any questions or to provide feedback, you can reach out to CANN‘s dedicated “Cannierge” service through email or text. The team is ready to assist with product queries, dispensary requests, or just a friendly chat.


In conclusion, CANN offers a fresh approach to socializing and relaxation with their line of cannabis-infused social tonics. Whether you’re a cannabis connoisseur or new to the scene, CANN‘s balanced THC/CBD blend and wide variety of flavors will have you coming back for more.

“Perfect for any time you want to chill.” – Kiki

DrinkCANN is not just about offering a refreshing beverage; it’s about fostering a sociable, hangover-free, and most importantly, a relaxing experience. Embrace the future of social tonics today with CANN.

Coupon: Get $20 off when you use my link to purchase CANN and earn $5 for every friend you then refer!

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