Uber VIP

Uber rolled out their loyalty program, Uber VIP, in 2013 to reward customers who had ridden 100+ rides in Uber.

Uber VIPs get the following:

Access to the highest rated Black Car drivers through the addition of a VIP selection on the app. These drivers typically have nicer vehicles, and almost all of them have water, phone chargers, and are friendly and knowledgable.

I’ve taken a couple rides with Uber’s competitors (Whisk and Gett), and after having the drivers not know how to get to simple destinations or their cars smelling like smoke, Uber VIP is a welcome upgrade, which comes at no additional cost for me.

Another plus with Uber VIP is that there is an additional selection option. So what this means is if there is surge pricing for Black Car, there may be normal rates for VIP, so this cuts down on the chance you’ll have to fork over additional funds on surge pricing.

For now, the benefits are limited, but we expect more to come from this loyalty program, and hopes for an airline miles type program as the company continues to grow.

To get on your way toward Uber VIP, use this link for $20 off your first ride, and you’ve only got 99 to go 🙂


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