Nomad is one of the Kickstarter’s success stories – a brilliant idea that turned into a brand producing innovative products that will make everyone’s life easier. We’re sure you found yourself in a situation when your life was depending on your device, only there was no battery left. In times when our everyday lives are lead by iPhones, tablets and BlackBerries, having a charger with you at all times is as important as ever. Nomad has created three smart ways to keep your USB charger always at your reach. Use the promo code “LIVESIMPLE” to get 25% off your order.

Adventure lovers will dig this one. NomadClip is a portable charging cable in shape of a carabiner. If fits on to your key chain, that way you’ll always have it with you. You can sync your smartphone from any USB port.

NomadClip (1) NomadClip (2)NomadClip (1)

As the name gives it away, NomadKey is a portable USB charger in a shape of a house key. It has same characteristics as NomadClip, you can fit it on your key chain and on top of that, it’s made out of rubber and very durable in even most harsh environments.

NomadKey (1) NomadKey (2)NomadKey (1)

Your charging cable in a size of a credit card? Sure! NomadCard is a portable charging cable that will fit into your wallet. Like all cables you can sync your smartphone or tablet from any USB port. It’s gonna make your life a lot less stressful for sure.


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