Mini Jambox

Mini Jambox from Jawbone is a portable speaker that fits in any pocket or clutch. Available in 9 different styles, speakers never looked and sounded this good. Its attractive design with ultra slim enclosure and single piece aluminium delivers a combination of loudness and lightness. Mini Jambox fits wherever your phone can go and allows you to share the entertainment wherever you go. The dimensions that create a louder experience are 2.28in x 6.06in x 0.96in.

To make your experience even better Jawbone app gives you amazing new features as soon as they roll out. You can also personalize your Mini Jambox, gain fast access to all your favorite tunes and live streams. Another great feature is LiveAudio that lets you experience your music, movies and games in a three-dimensional sound. It’s all the best features of big sound systems wrapped into a small pocketable speaker.

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