Kastrup Leather Backpack

Backpacks have become a great alternative to a boring briefcase or a messenger bag, especially in those occasions when you need to run around town or have your hands free for more important stuff, like coffee cups and texting. With style evolving rapidly, backpacks have also become an accessory and design has become just as important as its function. At WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie they created the ultimate backpack that combines style with the importance of use.

Kastrup is a leather backpack made from cowhide, that’s big enough to carry all your daily essentials (together with a laptop or iPad) and fashionable enough that you’ll want to show it off. It features a wraparound zip that opens wide to a lined interior, so it can’t turn into a black hole when you need to find your phone or a pen. A padded laptop sleeve against the back secures with a snap, making your laptop safe and your content well organised. There’s plenty pockets to store all your valuables and the shoulders are padded for your maximum comfort. Who wouldn’t want to take this baby for a spin!?

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