iPhone Typo Keyboard Case Review: How to Pimp Out your iPhone

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As an iPhone user I always struggle with writing messages and emails. I’m all about the touch-screen technology but my fat fingers just slow me down when I’m in a hurry. Typo keyboard is a total game changer. This revolutionary iPhone case will correct the deficiency of your phone. You simply attach it to your iPhone 5/5s and type away. The Typo keyboard allows you to type faster and with less typos than your touch-screen keyboard. Less anger and curing at your phone.

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Typo keyboard also brings back 40% off your screen that is usually occupied by the touch-screen keyboard. It’s fully back-light for typing in low light environments. It has a battery indicator and charges with the USB cable. It also includes custom Typo smart auto-correct for when you’re really writing in a hurry. The Typo iPhone keyboard case will completely change the relationship with your phone.

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