Fuel Micro Charger

The world’s smallest phone charger will be a lifesaver in emergency situations! Devotec Fuel micro charger is a key chain size battery backup emergency charger that keeps your phone running, wherever you are. With its 220 milliAmp hour battery it’s designed to give you around 20 – 30 minutes extra talk time, or up to a few hours more standby, depending on how you use your cell phone. It’s perfect if you’re always on the go and keep finding yourself in awkward situations when your phone battery dies.

The amazing thing about this charger is, that it’s so tiny, you can just put it on your key chain. Fuel micro charger is just 1.3 by 0.9 by half an inch. It’s also fully rechargeable and is able to keep its charge for at least 1 month before needing to be recharged again. You can charge up the Fuel Micro Charger from any AC micro-USB wall plug such as those for an Android Phone or Kindle, or a USB – Micro-USB Male cable. Then just put it in your pocket, on your keychain or in your car and forget about it. It’s compatible with Samsung Galaxy, S3 Mini, Kindle, Blackberry, Tom Tom, LG and more.

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