Urban Jungle Survival Bag: The Drifter Backpack by STM


Forget about the briefcase, backpacks are back! Easy to carry them around, they make for a perfect companion, not just when you take a hike, but in the concrete jungle as well. STM bags are designed around the form factor of the device, making them the perfect storage when you’re on the go. From laptop backpacks to shoulder and messenger bags, whatever the destination, these will bring your Macs, iPads and other essentials safely from A to B.

The Drifter is our favorite laptop backpack. It’s like your favorite pair of cargo pants – easy to wear, with lots of pockets and comfortable to carry. It has a hint of old-school design mixed with tech savvy details. Aside from you laptop it can store all your docs, gym gear, lunch, umbrella, water bottle, etc. The drifter is lightweight but still strong enough to carry your 15″ laptop, tablet, phone and all other necessities you need to survive the every day life.

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Urban Jungle Survival Bag The Drifter Backpack by STM

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