Refined Menswear from the Early 1900s: Ledbury + Valentine History Museum


Valentine-history museum

The Cunningham shirt $145

Ledbury+Valentine-History-Museum-Cunningham-shirt-styling (2)Ledbury+Valentine-History-Museum-Cunningham-shirt-styling (1)

The Wesley Tuxedo shirt $145

Ledbury+Valentine-History-Museum-Tuxedo-shirt (1)Ledbury+Valentine-History-Museum-Tuxedo-shirt-styling

The Rudasill Hunting shirt $165

Ledbury+Valentine-History-Museum-Rudasill-hunting-shirt-styling (2)Ledbury+Valentine-History-Museum-Rudasill-hunting-shirt-styling (1)

Ledbury is taking us down the history lane. They recreated three of their favorite shirts from the largest collection of historical clothing at Richmond’s Valentine Historical Museum. The Cunningham shirt comes in a subtle red and blue print and a club collar that makes it perfect to layer under your favorite jacket. A must have tuxedo shirt focuses on details. It’s made of luxurious cotton poplin and has a classic winged collar. Styled with a colorful bow tie it can also transform to less formal. The Rudasill hunting shirt won us over with the soft cotton and deep hunter green color. It has elbow patches and can be worn tucked out.

Ledbury translated history into the modern today with perfection. Combining small details from the early 1900s with the attractive style it encourages our imagination and inspires the wardrobe.

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