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OptiMind Nootropics: The Cure for Brain Fog


Remember the first time you watched Bradley Cooper in Limitless?  We all had the same immediate thought “Is this real, and where can I get it?”  While NZT, the pill featured in the movie, may be fictional, the premise of taking a supplement to increase memory, boost brain-function, and give you laser focus is very much real.  Forget NZT and checkout the real Limitless Pill, OptiMind.

What are Nootropics?


I’m sure the first question you’re asking yourself (if you’re anything like us) is what are nootropics and why should I care about them?  Well, the short answer is this; nootropics are substances (vitamins or otherwise) that can help enhance memory and cognitive function.  Basically, they can make your brain better than it already is.

Does this mean you can write a book while learning a language and master the stock market all at the same time?  Of course not, while the Limitless functions of NZT may have been exaggerated for the Hollywood effect, the premise of taking a supplement to improve your overall abilities is very much real.  So of course, when we heard about OptiMind, and that it is truly as great as it claims to be, we had to give it a try immediately.  This is what we learned… 

Improved Focus


Spending your days writing and editing is a true gift, but some days are a little harder to focus than others.  When it’s just you and the computer screen a wandering mind can be your biggest enemy (along with Facebook, Twitter, and the million other distractions thanks to the amazing internet).  I’m also not a coffee drinker, so the focus that comes along with it isn’t in my arsenal.  While most days this isn’t a huge problem (especially when I am lucky enough to write about things I truly love) other days there are deadlines that need to be hit, and writers block and brain fog can take over even the most creative of minds.

I was recently having one of those days, a day where no matter what I did I couldn’t get the right words out.  And of course, this was a day that I needed to finish something within the next several hours.  I had tried other “brain enhancement” supplements before without luck, but I had some OptiMind on my desk, which I had not opened yet, and figured I’d give it a try.  To my complete surprise, it truly worked.  I went from having my mind bounce all over the place, to sitting down and focusing on the task at hand until it was finished.  Not only was my focus improved immensely, but I didn’t lose the ability to think creatively, which was one of my initial concerns.  And this is when my love for OptiMind Nootropics was born. 

Mental Energy


If you remember the powers of NZT on Bradley Cooper, not only were memory and focus improved, but mental energy seemed limitless.  This was one of the biggest perks of OptiMind in my opinion.  Not only was I able to focus, but I was able to focus for much longer, without that jittery feeling caffeine can give you.  I found myself working harder, and being more productive for longer periods of time without feeling mentally exhausted by day’s end.

While all the outcomes are great, I’m sure you wondering how this is all possible.  Well, let’s take a look at what’s in OptiMind Nootropics…

How Does OptiMind Work?


OptiMind harnesses its amazing power through a handful of natural brain enhancing vitamins and minerals.  Using all natural brain-boosters thrown together to give you the perfect mix, each and every ingredient has a specific purpose that helps kick your brain into gear.  Check out OptiMind’s handy chart below to see what goes into each pill, and why it is proven to do great things.


Ready to Unleash Your Mind?


Now that you know the benefits and science behind OptiMind, are you ready to give it a try?  Head over to the OptiMind website and try a free sample for yourself.  Once you unleash your mind’s abilities, I can say first hand, you’ll definitely go back for more.

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