New Brands at Mr Porter: Barton Perreira & Guidi


Mr Porter always makes sure to bring us the new and the stylish. This time we will accessorize to the max with some modern shades from Barton Perreira and vintage looking boots.from Guidi.

Barton Perreira is a luxury eyewear brand designed in Los Angeles and handmade in Japan. Sunglasses are produced in limited quantities by skilled artisans. Their focus is in unbeatably stylish and contemporary design that expresses progressive vision and is committed to high-grade materials.

New Brands at Mr Porter Barton Perreira and Guidi (2)

Guidi is an Italian company established in Tuscany back in 1896. The brand is known for using unusual tans and treatments to ensure quality, style and luxury. Beautifully crafted footwear, that mainly consists of boots and has a vintage appeal to them, is quickly becoming a cult, not just in Italy but around the globe.

New Brands at Mr Porter Barton Perreira and Guidi (1)

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