Maison Impeccable: Socks with Impeccable Performance


Maison Impeccable is a clothing startup founded in early 2015 by longtime friends from Michigan. Their first product is the Stealth Sock, the first dress sock on the market to blend the performance properties of silver and carbon with advanced construction features. The result
is a sock that doesn’t smell, breathes well, and is supremely comfortable.

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Maison Impeccable, whose name is a play on highfashion houses and a major spy flick franchise, aims to produce technical clothing with no compromise between style and practicality. Fashioned after James Bond’s gadgetinventing QBranch, they’re using stateoftheart fabric and construction methods to bring new levels of comfort and functionality to looking good.

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The magic behind the Stealth Sock primarily comes from the unique onetwo punch of advanced fabric technologies silver to prevent the growth of odoremitting microbes and carbon to eliminate what’s left and wick away sweat. Strategically placed cushions and ventilation improve comfort and breathability. Unlike the alternatives, the Stealth Socks were engineered to never fall or shift uncomfortably thanks to a specialized arch band and selfadjusting cuff.

Get your Stealth Socs at Maison Impeccable.

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