ITEM m6: Legwear for a Dynamic Movement Every Day


ITEM m6 is a fashion brand and a high-tech manufacturer in Germany with over 60 years experience in product development, utilising the highest production standards to integrate “medi compression” technology into state-of the-art legwear. This is what has made them one of the leading companies in the global healthcare market – and a key brand in the sports compression wear industry with its CEP products.

You can choose between two styles: knee high and classic socks in a wide range of colors and stylish patterns. What makes the difference with these products is the medi compression. ITEM m6 socks stimulate circulation throughout the body – whether sitting for hours at the office or on exhausting flights. Compression that gradually decreases upward and the no-pressure cuff at the top of these socks ensure optimum oxygen circulation. For more energy and dynamic movement every day.

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