Dapper Up with New Pocket Squares from Proper Cloth


Nothing dappers up an outfit quite like a carefully folded pocket square. Proper Cloth just introduced a new line of premium pocket squares, hand rolled in Italy. They’re made completely by hand – nothing but a needle, thread, and the experience of incredible Italian craftsman. We love the detail of a tightly hand rolled edge, which showcases artisanship at its finest. Gingham is a classic pattern that’s been reinterpreted. These peached ginghams from Thomas Mason are incredibly soft and are woven with melange yarns for more interesting color tones. A sportier take on the pocket square is the indigo denim fabric from Italy and Japan. The take on patina like your favorite pair of jeans which only get better over time.

Shop for pocket squares at Proper Cloth.

Dapper Up with New Pocket Squares from Proper Cloth (1)

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