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If you’ve ever found that you do not have the time to search for new products to add to your collection, Bespoke Post is the right company for you. We’ve written about it before, but to recap, Bespoke Post searches all over the world to find the best brands and products to bring directly to you. Every month, the company offers clients a themed box of quality curated items, usually for $55. Right now however, you can get 30% off of your  first box when you subscribe and use the promo code FIRST.

Bespoke's Latest Box

The Bask Box

Oversized linen blanket Chess/Checkers roll kit Bepoke’s latest box, Bask,  is perfect for a summer picnic, it contains an oversized linen blanket along with a Chess/Checkers roll-up kit.

The Shine Box

The Shine Box

Dharma Eyewear Co.'s sunglasses Line of Trade Custom leather case   Bespoke’s last box, Shine, makes it much easier to enjoy soaking up the sun, it equips you with some top of the line polarized sunglasses from Dharma Eyewear Co. along with a custom leather case from Line of Trade to protect them, it also comes with a microfiber pouch to keep the glasses clean and some SPF lip balm to protect your lips. Grab either of these boxes and many others at Bespoke Post right now. Remember to use promo code FIRST to get your 30% off!

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