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10 Haunted Houses You Need to Try


The 31st  of October is approaching and you are probably stocking up on candy to give out. Maybe you are totally into the scary festivities or perhaps you’ll be watching your friends’ costume and decoration preparations with a distinct smirk. Either way you know that mysteries have a pull that you cannot resist even when you are trying to be your most serious self. Whether you believe in the supernatural or just want to have some unusual and pretty memorable creepy fun, the 10 best haunted houses we have picked out for you will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and you just won’t be able to resist the terrifying temptation!

Gravesend Inn Haunted Hotel, New York City


Not only is this haunted destination insanely terrifying, but also pretty budget friendly and extremely high-tech. The attractions are built from the ground up every year, so even if you have already visited the place you would definitely not be bored. The scream-inducing effects are tied to sensors triggered by the audience’s movement, so you never know what to expect.

Gravesend Inn Haunted Hotel, New York City

Bobby Mackey’s, Cincinnati


In the 1850’s the place was a slaughter house with a huge hole in the basement where all the blood and bones of the killed animals were dumped, thereby attracting a Satanists cult which also occupied the house for a while. Later it became the scene of almost every type of gruesome death imaginable and now it is a bar said to hold “The portal to Hell”. It is impossible to sip your drink there without witnessing something unexplainable and terrifying.

Bobby Mackey’s in Cincinnati

Shockwave Haunts, Milwaukee


This haunted house offers two things that might make your Halloween experience much better – it is terrifying and budget friendly. For a pretty low price you would be able to crawl through disgustingly tight, dark places and end up in various creepy rooms before you are able to find your escape.

Shockwave Haunts

Blackout Haunted House, New York City and LA


No speaking, no going in with a friend or a partner – you have to do it all alone, armed with a flashlight and all of your bravery. The Blackout Haunted House is pretty famous for its terrifying effects on visitors – there will be physical contact and violent situations, if you were wondering. Still, you will be given a safe word in case things get too intense.

Blackout Haunted House

Netherworld Haunted House, Atlanta


One of the most award-winning haunted houses in America, the Netherworld house will make you scream half in disgust and half in terror, even if you like to think of yourself as a fearless stoic who could never be scared of actors and décor!

Netherworld Haunted House

Frightmare Farms, Palermo


Voted scariest place for 2014, ,this is certainly a haunted destination best kept away from for the faint of heart. Zombie-ridden hayrides, close up murders, mine-shafts and all sorts of other imaginable and unimaginable scares await in the farm’s territory. The actors are excellent and the settings will make you feel as if you have found yourself in the midst of a very good horror film.

Frightmare Farms

Demon Acres in Hannibal, New York


If you have ever seen the movie “Silence of the Lambs”, the name Hannibal may be enough to run a chill down your spine. If not, the Demon Acres will do the job. This year the haunted house has been completely renovated, with new, much scarier creatures and effects that will make even the bravest among you shriek in terror.

Demon Acres

Alcatraz prison


Technically it is not a house, but still did serve as living arrangements for some of America’s most notorious prisoners. Though it functioned as one of the most high security detention facilities for only three decades, Alcatraz has seen its fair share of fear and suffering, which you can still feel upon roaming its empty halls. There have been many reports of disembodied whispers, strange occurrences and even ghost sightings on the island.

The Dent School House, Ohio


Another award-winning haunted house and one of the best terrifying attractions in the region. You will be greeted by the ghosts of tortured young children and terrorized by monsters, insane religious fanatics, your usual chainsaw maniacs and much more. A super creepy experience for those willing to give it a go!

The Dent School House

San Diego’s Whaley House


Called “America’s most haunted house” this seemingly humdrum brick structure holds some very creepy secrets. Back in the 1880s, when they Whaley family still lived in what was meant to be San Diego’s nicest house, there were several deaths – a man was hanged, one of the Whaley girls committed suicide, one of the children’s playmates broke her neck, but those were just some of the very first deaths in the house. Many claim to have witnessed paranormal occurrences and ghost sightings throughout the years. On weekends from 5:30 to 9 and during October you can experience the scariest side of the house.

San Diego’s Whaley House

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