10 Best Celebrity Instagram Accounts to Follow


10 Best Celebrity Instagram Accounts to Follow

Social media has turned us all into little stalkers and if it used to seem like the lives of rich & famous were light years apart from our boring and routine everyday we now live in an era where their doings have become not only public but have reached a completely intimate level. You want to know what Drew Barrymore eats for breakfast, which celeb Pharrell Williams is collaborating with right this moment, what Beyonce is up to or how the life of a high-rolling rapper looks like? Follow our 10 best celebrity Instagram accounts and you’ll get the front row ticket to the show called ‘Intimate moments of most talked about personalities of pop culture’.

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beyonce instagram best celebrity accounts

Probably one of the biggest pop stars this moment, Beyonce shares bits from her personal life, including gorgeous selfies, artistic inspirations, quotes & thoughts, lots of red carpet moments and her jet-setting lifestyle. If you’re a Beyonce fan, you must follow.


Jimmy Fallon

jimmy fallon instagram

He’s just as funny on his Instagram as he is on Tonight Show. We love Jimmy Fallon on both screens! His parodies and comedy inserts will brighten up your day, and in between all that you’ll realize just how awesome this guy’s off screen life is.


Pharrell Williams

pharrell williams instagram celebrity

It’s hard to keep your life private when you continuously hit number one on international music charts but there’s a lot more to Pharrell Williams than his stardom status. His love for lux & music is obvious, and on top of that he can joke at his own expense, which is why we love him.



madonna instagram celebrity

Queen of pop won’t disappoint with a meticulously curated Instagram feed. Scroll through her evergreen photos, some classic, some tabu, new projects and lots of artistic inspiration. There’s only one Madonna, and you’ll quickly realize why.



rihanna instagram - bst celebrity instagram accounts

With 13.4 million followers Rihanna is without a doubt one of the hottest celebrities on Instagram. If you were always wondering how it looks like to be known and adored by millions then her account is a must follow. You’ll witness lots of VIP parties and intimate moments from her everyday.


LeBron James

lebron james instagram

Follow the basketball superstar LeBron James and his love for sports. His Instagram feed includes lots of limited edition sneakers, gala events, on court photos and snaps of his super famous friends.


Kim Kardashian West

kim kardashian west instagram - best celebrity instagram

Famous for being famous without reason, Kim Kardashian isn’t shy when it comes to sharing her sexy curves with 22.5 million of her Instagram followers. Besides that you’ll see lots of outfit pics, snaps from red carpet, her family and of course Mr West.


Andy Cohen

andy cohen instagram selfie celebrity

Andy Cohen loves a good #selfie and we love him for it! On his Instagram account you’ll find awesome celebrity selfies, pics from the set of his talk show and lots of funny feed. Follow if you look for light-hearted content with comedy and enormous amount of VIPs.


Reese Witherspoon

resee witherspoon instagram celeb

Who doesn’t love this witty southern actress!? Reese Witherspoon posts funny photos together with pics from the movie set and her family life. We simply adore how grounded and cool she really is.


Cara Delevingne

cara delevingne instagram account

We couldn’t really include her into 10 hottest models on Instagram round up, since this foolishly awesome model doesn’t really post much about her modeling, but rather about goofing around & making fun of herself. Her Instagram is full of photos that will make you smile and wish she was your best friend.


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