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10 Best Athletes to Follow on Instagram

10 Best Athletes to Follow on Instagram cristiano ronaldo

In our Best Instagram Accounts series we already wrote about all the topics that every respectable man should hashtag and follow, but we couldn’t complete the list without going through the best in sports as well. Because screaming at the TV with a cold beer in the hand sometimes just doesn’t cut it, you want to know what your favorite athlete superstars are up to off the field as well. For this post we scrolled through #sports and selected 10 best athletes you definitely should follow on Instagram. From the fastest man on the planet to everyone’s favorite football, basketball and soccer players, these 10 are a must follow for any sports lover!

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Usain Bolt

usain bolt- best athletes instagram

From his training routine to celebrity encounters and his private life that’s full of fun & games, Usain Bolt’s Instagram account proves just how awesome this guy is both on and off the tracks.


Colin Kaepernick

colin kaepernick - best athlete instagram

You either love or hate him, but this quarterback sure knows how to silence all the haters on his Instagram account. If you’re a 49ers fan than you’ll want to follow Colin Kaepernick’s career adventures and funny football related jokes.


Lionel Messi

leo messi instagram

There’s more to life than soccer, and one of the world’s best players confirms just that. From his Barcelona team and Argentina supporters to his private life as a father and husband, Lionel Messi shares just about everything his fans want to know about him.


Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather - best athletes on instagram

This Instagram account will make you want to enroll with sports professionally. Floyd Mayweather is an athlete like no other, sharing not only his boxing wins but his wealth as well. Jets, fast cars and flashy outfits are all a part of his everyday.


Tony Hawk

tony hawk - best athletes instagram

The days of outrageous parties might be over, but Tony Hawk is still an athlete to follow. His Instagram account is full of awesome skateboarding stunts & tricks, cool videos, amazing travel locations and ultimately a few injuries as well.


Blake Griffin

blake griffin instagram athletes

For a peek inside a jet-set lifestyle of the Los Angeles Clippers basketball player Blake Griffin, you must follow his Instagram account. Scrolling through his photos, you’ll find out all his likes and dislikes, get exclusive shots from the court and meet a few of his celebrity friends.


Rob Dyrdek

Rob Dyrdek - best athlete instagram

Another pro skateboarder that enjoys a lavish lifestyle full of crazy adventures and boy’s toys. Besides the skating, Rob Dyrdek is an actor, entrepreneur, producer, and reality TV star, so be prepared to see all that and more on his Instagram feed.


Cristiano Ronaldo

christiano ronaldo

His amazing skills of handling a football have drove him to the stardome status where he’s now known as one of the best soccer players in the world, a model and even a huge charity contributor. Cristiano Ronaldo is a must follow for all fans of soccer and Real Madrid.


Mike Tyson

mike tyson instagram

If you’re expecting to scroll through a feed full of parties and excess than you’re in for a disappointment, but if you’re a huge boxing fan, then you really should follow Mike Tyson on Instagram. You’ll see plenty of behind the scenes and all about the when & wheres.


Serena Williams

serena williams - best instagram athletes

There aren’t so many female athletes that can compete with the fame of some of the male sports figures, but Serena Williams is definitely one of them and not only that, her Instagram account is full of hotness, behind the scenes and photos from the tennis court.


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