Soften Up Your Facial Hair with The Motley’s Port Products Line: Conditioning Beard Absolute



There are few things that can take you from a dapper look to a homeless one quicker than an unkept beard.  We don’t mean you should be trimming Mario Batali straight line below your chin by any means, but you also shouldn’t ignore the beast all together. You need something that allows you to keep the face rugged, without looking like you may have small birds living beneath the whiskers.  Enter Conditioning Beard Absolute.

Why We Love Conditioning Beard Absolute

The first thing you notice about this beard tamer is the undeniably manly scent.  It smells rugged and outdoorsman to the point it makes you want to throw on a buffalo flannel and start chopping shit down.  There are no added frilly fragrances, it simply screams “bearded man” to the nose.  And we love it.

Next we noticed the minimal ingredients list.  This all natural beard oil contains very few ingredients, including Grapeseed oil, Argan oil and Australian sandalwood oil.  When you’re putting something on your face day in and day out keeping it all natural is definitely key.  We’ll pass on throwing things we can’t pronounce on our chins, thank you.

After using it for several days not only was my beard softer, less scraggly, shinier, and overall healthier looking, but the skin under my beard was feeling the greatness too.

Overall, Conditioning Beard Absolute gets two thumbs up and the Life, Tailored stamp of approval.  If you’re a bearded man who wants a little more of a “bearded model” look than a “crazy cabin guy” look, this should be your first and only stop.


Conditioning Absolute Beard Oil, $16.

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