How to Wear Chelsea Boots: Men’s Style Guide

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Have you ever heard of Chelsea boots? Maybe not. Although the name may only be reserved for those who are either extremely into fashion or take their boots seriously, there is no denying that you’ve probably seen a pair of these on your favorite celebrity a time or two.

The name goes back to Queen Victoria’s shoemaker, J. Sparkes-Hall, who originally designed and patented the shoes in 1851, and were originally designed with women in mind. That all changed when the Beatles started wearing them stateside, and men began to notice that being fashion forward was perfectly okay.

In addition to discussing the history of the Chelsea boot, we’ll also go over a number of outfits that look best paired with them.

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How to Wear Black Chelsea Boots with a Long Coat

As a shorter guy, I love that Chelsea boots give me a little extra height. That extra height definitely comes in necessary when you wear a long coat. Unless you’re 6 feet plus, a long coat is going to make you look shorter, so pairing your car coat with a pair of Chelsea boots is the perfect compliment.

These black Common Projects Chelsea boots really do go with anything, but look great with the grey color in the Billy Reid coat.

How to Wear Grey Chelsea Boots with a Peacoat

How to Wear Tan Chelsea Boots with a Bomber

How to Wear Brown Chelsea Boots with a Leather Jacket

Boots are absolutely timeless. Aside from sneakers, it’s one of the very few things that nearly all men will be able to pull off, regardless of their age, size, and style. Perhaps this is because of their unique style flexibility, as they come in a countless variety of styles in colors, and can easily be both dressed up and down.

How to find your perfect Chelsea boots

As previously mentioned, Chelsea boots have that versatility to fit into any wardrobe to work with nearly any outfit.

Before you run out to the store and purchase hundreds of dollars of unnecessary clothing items to match your latest edition Chelsea boots, there are a few things that you should know about the shoes themselves:

Chelsea boots should fit snugly and not too tight

Comfort is always key when it comes to everything we wear.. This is no different for Chelsea boots, I will tell you right here and now that they are undeniably enticing to wear because of their slip-on and smooth feature. However, this can cause irrevocable damage to the shoes themselves. You want to make sure that the shoes are a perfect fit; not too tight and not too loose.

Chelsea boot design has evolved since their original design

Chelsea boots are designed with either brown or black box calf leather and leather sole. With the rise of talented and innovative designers, what was once the traditional design of Chelsea boots evolved to a style that is now considered more sophisticated men’s footwear. Some manufacturers have even come up with new shoe designs inspired by these boots under different naming for their own branding purposes. Basically, Chelsea boots are made up of commando soles, Jodhpur/Zip ankle boots, and broguing or wingtips.


Chelsea boots in suede pair really well with a suit

Leather-made Chelsea boots are great to wear because they are versatile and durable. However, nothing comes close to the elegance that the suede boots give. They may have higher maintenance than your leather boots, but they are definitely worth investing.

Chelsea boots can be suede and also rugged

It’s true when they say that there is more to simple things. Like in the case of Chelsea boots, the simpler the design, the more beautiful the boot. It has been proven that boots with simpler designs are always better.

Here are our picks for affordable Chelsea boots

Keep in mind that lower price doesn’t always mean that you caught a deal. Unfortunately, a low price tag may be indicative of the quality of the product. It is for this reason that it’s of the utmost importance that you do a little homework before making any purchases. Seek out the most trusted brands, read reviews, and base your purchases on that. Furthermore, you should always make it a habit to check on the materials used for the kind of Chelsea boots that you will purchase. These boots should be long-standing and durable, not an impulse purchase that you regret in a month.

How to Wear Chelsea Boots: Men’s Style Guide

It’s not enough that you only have the knowledge on the footwear that you are going to use. More importantly, you should know how to flaunt and pair them with. Why is that so? Well, simply because Chelsea boots are admittedly one of those footwears with an elusive style. Good thing that what has been a monotonous way of wearing them was maximized to a couple of clothing styles to match. 


Typically, the general rule for wearing them is to have your pants cover the top of the boots. Unlike the Chelsea boots, there are other boots that you can wear with an uncovered top. You may also want to drape the entire neck of the boots and it’s fine. Just a rule of thumb, make sure to check the style if it works on you before breaking it.

Wardrobe-wise, here are some ways on how to rock your style with Chelsea boots.

How To Wear Chelsea Boots With a Suit


Most of you think of pairing your suits with loafers, Oxfords or brogues but Chelsea boots are another great option. The wide variety in terms of colors, finishes, and materials give you a range of suits that would fit these boots. Have you tried matching your gray suit with a pair of black leather boots?

If you are more into wearing blue or navy colored suits, having a pair of brown leather Chelsea boots completes the overall look. These are two contrasting colors that make a harmonious ensemble. Applying the general rule of covering the top part of the boots leaves you with that smart, clean guise.

How To Wear Chelsea Boots With Jeans


These days, who says that sneakers are the best thing that happened to jeans? Well, try to wear your jeans with a clean shirt, a jacket, a polo shirt, or a blazer. You may even have a combination of these for your top. Do you think they will not look good with your leather boots? We do not recommend otherwise. For your jeans, it is best to go for a pair of suede Chelsea boots.

You may start by going with monochromatic or understated colors. You may mix of a plain white shirt, a classic leather jacket, and a pair of gray or tattered jeans. Completing the look with a suede black Chelsea boots pimps you to a smarter, more casual look. If you are not into suedes, you can always go for that synthetic pair. You may opt for a broader option of reds or purples for your pair of black skinny jeans as well, to add that extra pop of color.

How To Wear Chelsea Boots With Cuban Heels


Who wouldn’t recognize The Beatles for their contribution to the music industry? Did you know that these music icons also have their fashion sense at the peak of their career?

The timeless Beatle Boot, a type of Chelsea boot with the Cuban heel, completes The Beatles era. To look perfectly good with this kind of boot, your trousers have to be at an imperatively accurate length. How do you ensure the proper length of your trousers for your boots? This may sound funny and awkward, but you have to bring your trousers with you during the purchase. This is needed to avoid unintentionally showing your ankles when wearing them.

Do you think you’re ready to take part in the Chelsea boots fashion? There is nothing to be afraid of. Just look at the style guide we have for you and you will surely rock the style!

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