Proper Cloth Review: The Best Custom Shirt You’ll Ever Own

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I’ve been a fan of Proper Cloth since the beginning and have purchased 30+ shirts. This is my Proper Cloth review detailing everything you need to know about this custom shirting brand plus a $20 off coupon code for new users.

Have you ever had a shirt made just for you?  Not just tailored to you, but built custom for you?  For as low as $75 Proper Cloth will make the exact shirt you want, from fabric and style down to cut and fit.  Prepare to feel like a million bucks. This is our Proper Cloth review.

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The Mind Behind Proper Cloth


Proper Cloth started in 2008 as an online retailer with very few options.  Like all small businesses they hit their fair share of bumps along the way.  The owner and creative brain behind the idea for Proper Cloth, Seph Skerritt, didn’t come from a background in fashion, he just knew that he wanted to make a shirt that fit.  Things moved slowly at first, but as the details were figured out and everything started falling into place, Proper Cloth learned how to make one hell of a shirt.

After several years in business they have continued to stay small, with one showroom in SOHO and only five employees on staff.  But being small hasn’t stopped these guys one bit.  Proper Cloth has made numerous appearances in GQ, Esquire, Men’s Journal, The New York Times and plenty of other well respected publications.  Small has by no means stopped them from conquering the world of custom shirting.

What Makes Proper Cloth Shirts Better?


The fact that you get to choose each and every detail yourself makes the experience great, but what makes the shirts so much better?  Proper Cloth uses fabrics sourced from around the world.  You have choices of Egyptian Cotton or Sea-Island Cotton, twills or broadcloth’s, imported from Japan, Italy, Portugal, you name it.  Not only do you have the choices, but the pool of which you choose from is full of nothing but the best, ensuring that whatever fabric or detail you pick it will be a good one.

Proper Cloth uses a collaboration of new school tailoring mixed with the old traditional ways.  The pattern and cutting is done by computer while the stitching is done traditionally by amazing tailors.  They strive to make sure your shirt is exactly what you want with custom sizing so your shirt can be as comfortable as it is stylish.  You really can’t beat it.

Building a Proper Cloth Shirt


Above is the first screen you see when starting to design your custom shirt.  You can see shirt prices start from $85 and can go up from there with most top end fabrics reaching the $150-$180 price points.

Choose from 1 of 244 (yes, you read that right, 244) fabrics and move on to the next step…


Step two is where you choose your style.  Pick the collar, the cuff and the pocket (or choose to chop off the sleeves in the summer).


The next step is the detailing.  Choose your buttons (standard white, mother of pearl, tall mother of pearl or black), choose whether or not you want accent fabric on the inside of the cuffs and collar, on the shirt pictured above I added it to both.  Lastly, choose whether or not you want your shirt monogrammed, just to make sure people know it’s yours.

A nice detail is that you can see the price change in the upper right corner as you make different choices for your pattern, keeping it much easier to stay on budget.


Then comes the sizing.  As you can see Proper Cloth gives you control of every aspect of the size.  From your typical neck and arm sizes to your posture and watch allowance.  If your shirt doesn’t fit, it’s on you, because these guys spare no detail.

After inputting all your sizes and dimensions, you simply verify the order and you’re set.  It’s that easy, and you just designed your own shirt.

The Shirt Gallery


Of course not all men want to be faced with so many decisions while picking out a shirt.  For men like this, Proper Cloth still has you covered.  The Shirt Gallery has plenty of pre-designed pieces for you to choose from.  Made with the same quality fabrics and precision as the custom shirts, for a man that’s a little more strapped for time this is the perfect choice.

For the higher priced shirts, the real reason you’re paying more money is the fabric. But why would I want to spend money on fabric, don’t all shirts look the same and fit the same regardless of the fabric? That’s what I thought before I started to wear high end fabrics. For one, expensive fabrics are softer, which may not be that important, but if you’re taking a 5 hour flight in a dress shirt, the scratchiness of a cheaper fabric starts to not be so worth it. Also, higher end fabrics don’t wrinkle as much, saving you a last minute ironing session in the morning.

My motto as far as shirting goes is to buy less, more high quality shirts, and wear the hell out of them.

Here are a few of our favorites from the Shirt Gallery…

Thomas Mason Blue Mini Houndstooth, $165
Summer Block Party, $140

Red and Blue Large Gingham, $80
Black Heavy Oxford Cloth, $95

Vincent White Navy Red Plaid, $135

Added Bonus: Each shirt comes with a “guaranteed fit”, meaning if it doesn’t feel right to you, you send it back and Proper Cloth will either alter it or build you a new one free of charge.  Does it get any better than that?

Accessories by Proper Cloth


With every great shirt, you need some great accessories.  Grab a tie, some cufflinks, a tie bar or even a scarf with Proper Cloth’s accessories line.  Trust us when we say they will definitely put that extra touch on your outfit you’ve been looking for.

The Proper Cloth Lookbook

Want to see some great ways to wear your favorite Proper Cloth shirts?  Here’s a sneak peak to help you put that extra dapper in your outfit, when you’re finished browsing you can click here to see the entire collection of lookbooks for Proper Cloth.









Proper Cloth Coupon & Discount


We want you to have a custom shirt, you deserve one.  We also want to help you save a little money.  Click here and you will be brought to the above screen, where simply signing up will save you $25 on your first Proper Cloth shirt.  It really is that easy to save money.

Our Final Thoughts on the Proper Cloth Review

We here at Life, Tailored obviously love things tailored to us, and what is more tailored than a custom shirt?  There is nothing like slipping on a shirt made just for you for the first time, knowing it is one of a kind and cut strictly for the man wearing it.  Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to one of these.  But we must warn you, you won’t be able to stop at just one.

Want to see more Proper Cloth on Life, Tailored?  Click here to check out past reviews, posts and lookbooks from this awesome brand!

Brands To Keep An Eye On

Want to see other brands we think you should be looking out for?  Here is a quick list of some brands we love that are continuing to take menswear by storm.

ledbury men dress shirts lookbook - the morris check 120

Ledbury is another brand you’re going to want to pay attention to.  Focusing primarily on fit, these guys make one hell of a shirt (and blazer, and tie, and pocket square…)  If you’re all about fit and quality, which all men should be, this is a brand you should look in to.  Click here to read Life, Tailored’s full review on Ledbury.


Gustin is a little different than other brands we are so enthralled with, they are the first fully crowdsourced premium fashion brand.  Best known for their denim, Gustin has branched out to let people choose all sorts of amazing pieces.  Best part of all?  Gustin gives you premium quality at wholesale prices, we are big fans of that.  Click here to learn why Gustin is changing the way we look at fashion design.


Hugh & Cryelike other up and coming menswear lines, aims to make shirts fit perfectly.  Using a different system of sizing (no small, medium or large here) they help bring you a shirt that is right for you.  We love these shirts and everything else they have to offer.  Click here and figure out what size Hugh & Crye would call you.

In the future we’ll be doing a shirt comparison between Proper Cloth and Nialma, be on the lookout for that.

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