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There are very few things in life that feel better than made to measure clothing.  Having something tailored specifically to you, picking out all the smallest details to your liking, knowing the likelihood of a return is slim, these are just a few of the amazing perks to come with custom clothes.  Trumaker has taken it one step further.  Now not only do you not have to worry about the clothes not fitting, you don’t even have to stress about the fitting itself.  You contact the Trumaker Outfitters, they come to your home or office, and in 15-30 minutes you’re ready to order all the custom threads you want.

While we love Trumaker for their innovative ways of letting us shop, we’re shining the spotlight on them today for their truly great holiday offerings.  Including gift cards with free gifts, gift packages worth a hell of a lot more than what you’re paying, and the chance to give someone an experience, which will last much longer than those Starbucks gift cards you gave to everyone last year.

Trumaker Gift Cards + Free Gift(s)


Trumaker is running a special deal for the holidays, offering gifts with any gift card $50 and up.  Buy a $50 gift card, get some collar stays.  $100 gift card, add a sweet bottle opener.  And the gifts only go up from there, ranging from canvas totes and shoe bags, to t-shirts and sweaters.  Check out the photos below to catch a glance at some of the sweet presents Trumaker is offering for the holidays.


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