How to Wear Chino’s: Men’s Style Guide


The key to looking good is including classic items in your wardrobe. When you take this approach, you end up owning versatile items of clothing that you can wear for practically any occasion.

A great example of what I mean is Chinos. They are an elegant alternative to jeans, which have been widely available since the mid 1800s.

As you can see here, Chinos come in a wide range of cuts, which is part of the reason they are such a versatile item of clothing. Provided you choose wisely you can wear them in several different ways.

As an Alternative to Jeans

If you find jeans too heavy to wear, a pair of blue Chinos provides the perfect alternative. You just need to choose a five pocket style, with double stitched outer seams to achieve the look you want. Of course, you can choose a different color, if you prefer. There are many possibilities, and now that jeans are also available in a range of colors, it is an approach that also works well.

For Formal Wear

A lot of guys think of Chinos as being for casual wear only. In the past, this may well have been the case. However, norms have changed as has the way fashion designers use the traditional material that Chinos are made from. The net result is that it is now perfectly possible, and acceptable, to wear them in more formal circumstances.

Again, the key to doing this successfully is choosing the right cut. You need Chinos that are styled more like a pair of dress trousers than jeans. Little features like extended waistband closure, slant pockets at the front and welt pockets at the back combine to make them look more formal. Generally speaking, the lighter the fabric is the more your Chinos will look like a smart pair of suit or dress trousers. You can easily wear this type of Chino with a blazer or suit jacket in a contrasting color, for a night out or a meal in a high-end restaurant. Some offices, also allow their staff to wear them for work. Although a many sales teams are still required to wear a business suit.

For Activities

Chinos can also be a good option for those who enjoy outdoor activities. The fact that the majority are made from 100% cotton means that they allow your body to breathe naturally.

Recently, clothing manufacturers have woken up to the fact that Chinos are a great option for active people. You can even buy Chino style joggers, although they are not as widely available as they used to be.

However, Chino hiking trousers are becoming more popular. They are typically made from extremely lightweight versions of the fabric that has been treated so that it is water repellent. Chino style shorts are also becoming more widely available again. They are a great option for hiking.

Caring for Your Chinos

Regardless of how you decide to wear your Chinos making sure they are properly laundered is essential. They will only look good if you take care of them. You can find out how to launder them so that they do not shrink on this page.


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