How to Dress Like Blake Shelton: Style Moves Every Country Fan Can Copy


Howdy Ladies! It’s Blake here, you may have seen me on The Voice with my cohost Adam Levine chumming it up.

Remember when our favorite Okie crooner Blake Shelton got hitched with Miranda Lambert in their own country-field meets fancy way? It can be tricky to get your cowboy to glamour up a bit and feel rough and tough. Somehow, Mrs. Black Shelton got her man to do it – in blue jeans and boots, no less! Behold, the cowgirl shoppers have complied their own look that is sure to please the goose and the gander.

Here’s a guide to dress up like our cowboy, Blake Shelton:

Pearl Snap Button Shirt

This is such an easy look to replicate. It is both modern and country at the same time. Your own cowboy can pair this shirt with any kind of jeans.

  • Blake loves to wear his Western pearl snap button shirt.
  • He always pair it with his favorite boot cut jeans from American Eagle.

Boot-Cut Jeans

We are sure you’ll have no trouble convincing your man to a smart choice like this style. Opt for a well-known and established brands like Wrangler or Ariat for that perfect boot-cut, cow boy style pair of jeans. Blake Shelton sticks to these brands for his authentic Southern look.

  • He always wear his favorite boot-cut jeans from American Eagle.
  • Blake Shelton also loves to match it with a pair of Lucchese cowboy boots.

Versatile Vest

Best paired with a boot-cut jeans, this understated piece can really pull an outfit together while giving a much needed gentleman’s vibe to the rascal you’ve got on your hands. Vests can also be used as part of a classic three-piece suit set.

  • Blake got to love his versatile vest from Gioberti.

Cowboy boots

This classic staple in any Western-inspired wardrobe will last longer provided you invest in a well-made real leather pair. Don’t be afraid to let loose a little electric cowboy in him and choose from all the colors and patterns that can act as neutrals.

  • Blake Shelton also loves to match it with a pair of Lucchese cowboy boots.


When Blake Shelton struts that red-carpet you never see him without a well-cut blazer, and sometimes even a well-matched modern tie. Neutral colors from gray, khaki, cream and brown may get him through the average day, but for that special event, go for a jewel-tone.

  • Blake Shelton chooses to wear Nordstrom men ties to match his vests and suits.

Plaid Shirt

We rarely see Blake without a plaid shirt on. We love this one because the lightweight fabric allows it to be worn year round.

  • In most days, Blake loves to wear Bonobos plaid shirts.

Staghound Laredo Belt

We all know Blake is a true country boy and this cow skull belt portrays that perfectly.

Hunting Club Baseball Cap

You’ll never know when this cap might come in handy. This too can be perfectly paired with good old jeans and plain white tee.

  • He also has his own brand of apparels named after him, Blake Shelton.

Black Felt Hat

The ultimate cowboy, southern outfit will never ever be perfect without this signature piece. Blake finishes off his famous look with his black felt hat leaving feelings of mysteriousness and hotness all over wherever he goes.

  • Blake Shelton loves to wear Black Felt Hat from Stetson.


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