How to Dress Like Zayn Malik: Men’s Style Guide


Zayn Malik has a fine eye in fashion. He is popular in fashion just like in his music. His new look perfectly matched with his girlfriend and gains so much attention. Zayn starts to do something new when it comes to his outfits and his hair.

How to Wear Shirts Like Zayn Malik

Zayn normally wears shirts when his not in suit. He likes to mix his shirt up when he is wearing a suit. He also uses T-shirts with un-funny expressions and match it with a baseball cap.

How to Wear Bomber Jackets Like Zayn Malik

Zayn used to wear bomber jackets when he is still in One Direction. Bomber jackets are easier to wear and match with shirts it’s also a basic street style outfit. It has a wide selection of colors that will make you play in mixing up.

How to Wear Denim Jackets Like Zayn Malik

Denim jackets has been seen a lot with Zayn. He is fond of wearing this type of jacket ever since he’s in his former band One Direction. He normally pairs it with skinny jeans, a cap, and trainers. He has seen wearing a crop (where his shirt is longer than his jacket) and oversize denim jacket which makes him look more muscular.

Denim jackets are easily to pair with everything. There are also different kinds of denim jackets to choose from. From black denim jackets, acid washed or even printed ones.

You can also make these jackets look unique by adding some patches or stickers to it (they are very popular in the market nowadays). You just have to give it your own personality and style.

How to Wear Suits Like Zayn Malik

Zayn has his own style when he goes to red carpet events. He wears some of the best brands in the market and he knows the best way to look perfectly fit.

Normally he wears a double breasted jacket which give him a fuller look. He has also been seen wearing a turtle neck jumper suit. You should consider to make everything slim fit if you don’t want to look overwhelmed.

How to Wear an All Black Outfit Like Zayn Malik

Zayn makes it simple with his all black look. A black T-shirt, a pair of black skinny jeans with a matching black jacket. It is known that an all-black style is the easiest to wear.

You can rock it with a little bit of color, just by adding some jewelries on it.

How to Wear Jeans Like Zayn Malik

When it comes to jeans, like everyone else, Zayn is a fan of skinny jeans. He usually wears this kind of jeans paired with his shirt, jacket and a pair of shoes, whether it’s sneakers or a laced up one.

Ripped jeans is popular since then up to these days. So even one of the most popular singer loves to wear a pair of it.

How to Wear Snapbacks Like Zayn Malik

Zayn proved that snapbacks are a good add on when you’re wearing your basic outfit. His fans are really in love with the the way he wears this kind of cap. He wears it along with his simple shirt and jeans or even with a jacket. Snapbacks add some extra swag when you wear it.

How to Wear Scarves Like Zayn Malik

Back in his band days, Zayn has seen wearing scarves in one of their shows where he rocked a red neckerchief. These neck accessories can totally add colors to your outfit. You can pair scarves or neckerchiefs with your white, black, or gray look.

We don’t see guys who wear scarves often but these extra piece of cloth hanging around your neck will definitely give your style a different aspect. One more thing, scarves are totally manly. You just have to know how to match it with your outfit.

How to Get Hair Like Zayn Malik

Since he is well known on his fashion, his hairstyles also get so much attention. Zayn is changing his hair color often that his fans can’t wait for his next hair color transformation.

From shaving his head, bleaching and coloring his locks, you can totally say he is just doing it right. So, all you need to do is to find the perfect hair color and style that suits you well.

If you want to get Zayn’s haircut, we’ve got a complete list of all the hairstyles Zayn Malik has rocked through the years.

How to Wear Sunglasses Like Zayn Malik

Zayn is known for wearing various kinds of sunglasses, from nerdy style glasses where he wore couple of years back to aviators. This guy really knows how to pull off such style. He even wore a Harry Potter inspired specs one of his girlfriend’s glasses that made fans go crazy.

Zayn was also seen wearing Ray-ban and Krewe ward sunglasses with his basic outfit, a pair of jeans, shirt, jacket and a hat. Shades goes along with almost everything and can totally enhance your get-up, though you just have to remember when to use them.

How to Wear Accessories Like Zayn Malik

Accessories can absolutely uplift your outfit and you don’t have to wear loads of them. A perfect hint you can get from Zayn. He wears at least one accessory in order for him not to look dull. He loves vintage jewelries and expensive watches. One thing that also give him his bad boy look are his piercings.

How to Wear Shoes Like Zayn Malik

Zayn has been seen wearing different kind of shoes which is absolutely suitable to his outfit. He usually wears sneakers or a laced up boots paired with a skin tight jeans, shirt and an overcoat.

You can have this look by using your creativity in matching up or you can just stick with the basic white tees, jeans and sneakers.

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