How To Dress Like Bruno Mars 24K: Men’s Style Guide

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Bruno Mars is undoubtedly unique with both his music and looks – the aura of a young masculine talent whose versatility is so “deadly infectious”. This is what makes him so appealing to all, regardless of gender.

His masculinity is shown with both how he dresses and how he walks – both on stage and on the streets. That’s not even taking into account how he composes and delivers his music. To put it simply, everybody wants to be like Bruno Mars. His music always trends and it’s rare to go a day without hearing one of his songs on the radio. Aside from being a musical genius and an absolutely superb performer, what makes him so iconic?

Knowing Bruno Mars…


Born in Hawaii, Bruno Mars was born Peter Gene Bayot Hernandez. He grew up loving music with his Filipino family and American friends in an American community. The way he moves, the way he performs, the way he writes his musical masterpieces –  it all shows influence from great music icons like Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, and more.

At a very young age, due to his sheer talent, he was able to successfully collaborate with the bigwigs of the American Music industry.

Bruno Mars As A Performer


We all admit it! Bruno Mars is one awesome performer who can make everyone, especially women, scream all throughout his performance on stage. His music is that good and his masculinity is terribly magnetic. He exudes a “uniquely Bruno jists” in his whisks and turns.

Just recall how many girls wanted to touch him during his performance at the Superbowl 50 Halftime with Beyoncé.

More and more often, men are beginning to wonder how they can dress like Bruno Mars in an attempt to encompass a sexier, more masculine look into their everyday wardrobe.

Fortunately, we’ve broken it down for you.

What Composes The Bruno Mars Fashion Sense?

Being an international artist, Bruno Mars took the risk of combining different colors and shades to represent various cultural colors. It is a wise artistic investment to let his international fans feel that they too, regardless of color and ethnicity, are all represented in Bruno’s music and fashion.

The Bruno Mars Eyewear

 2013 MTV Music Video Awards

Bruno Mars is always sporting cool black or multi-colored sunglasses in most of his get-ups. Whether he is performing on stage or attending a press conference, you will almost always see him with his shades on. This provides such a cool, laid back image of a young masculine music icon. There is a wide range of options to consider for your sunglasses if you would like to replicate this look.

What’s In Bruno Mars’ Head?


It is almost impossible not to see Bruno Mars without some kind of headgear, mostly a Fedora hat, of various colors and shades. The fedora is a unique Bruno Mars signature look that adds to his already sexy image. It is also noticeable that the fabric of his hat picks varies depending on the season. He normally wears a hat made of wool most of the time to warm his top and is also seen wearing hats with simple straws during the summer season.

The Casual Look Ala Bruno Mars



The singer is widely known for his cool and easy to follow casual outfits. On regular days, Bruno Mars loves knee-length city shorts and a collared short-sleeved top over a pair of loafers or simply a pair of sneakers. Bruno can easily change to a rugged-looking outfit by sporting his denim or tattered jeans at times, a striped V-neck tee and some sneakers. Perfectly cool and sexy.

At times, the singer flashes out a pair of dark trousers and light-shaded collared top with a jacket on over a pair of simple loafers. Voila! The girls are endlessly screaming at the top of their lungs the moment he steps on the stage. To have a feel of the Bruno Mars’ sexy look, you can take a pick of a comfortable pair of shorts matched with a simple tee for the top. You may also opt for a pair of jeans paired with a jacket having a striped tee shirt underneath. Do not forget the signature head and eyewear.

What’s With The Jacket?

 Celebrities Visit SiriusXM - October 25, 2016

Another must-have on the list of Bruno Mars fashion sense is the leather jacket. You can easily grab one at most retailers, but take note of the favorite colors that the singer prefers, which are either black, brown or, at times, burgundy. The unique color preference when it comes to jackets adds to the singer’s trademark.

Bruno Mars Just Loves Wearing Accessories


A wrap around beaded men’s bracelet is a fashion statement that is another Bruno Mars staple. He has been photographed around with dark to neutral tone beaded bracelets. He is often spotted with a big bulky ring, mostly made up of gold or silver, on his left index finger and at times on his right his pointing finger. On casual occasions, Bruno wears a gold or silver men’s watch to accentuate his personality. Of course, one cannot miss the usual gold or silver chain necklace with a pendant as part of the Bruno Mars fashion style.

What About The Bruno Mars Footwear?


Bruno Mars is a pretty cool male fashionista who is constantly re-inventing his own personal looks daily. And the good news is that he is not afraid to experiment on the kind and type of shoes to wear. He loves wearing Converse sneakers, just as he loves wearing oxford shoes during formal occasions. For your casual day to day outfit, having a Converse sneaker is of course very easy.

How to dress like Bruno Mars 24k


One designer comes to mind when trying to emulate Bruno Mars and his epic, one of a kind wardrobe: Versace.

Not only does he have an entire song about the high fashion designer, but he managed to wear vintage Versace pieces in nearly every single scene of his 24K Magic music video this year.

If money is no object for you and you want to recreate Bruno Mars’ epic wardrobe piece by piece, look no further than this article.


The expensive black Versace bomber jacket is paired with a simple pair of form-fitting pants and equally extravagant Versace shoes.

Although Versace does not offer this jacket on their website currently, they do offer a similar one, their Tribal Medusa bomber jacket, for $2,495.


Emulating Bruno Mars’s unique style is all about taking risks. With the right budget and a bit of fearlessness, you can pull it off in no time at all.

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