KENETTE: A Perfect Alternative to a Bulky Wallet


Kenette Louis is a Haitian American handbags & accessories designer, who has designed for Coach, Levi’s, Pottery Barn, MCM, & various emerging brands. Now he creates for his own brand KENETTE, which is inspired by architectural lines and nature’s motifs. He started the KENETTE brand because he wanted to leave the corporate world of big fashion to start something more original. He wanted to focus less on chasing trends and margins and more on creating beautiful, affordable luxury goods that enhance and enrich people’s lives. Each design is distinctive in form and thoughtfully crafted with the highest quality materials and techniques.


Here is why we love his slender wallet:
KENETTE’s streamlined cardholder is the perfect alternative to a bulky wallet that holds two times the cards and bills as the typical slim wallet. The innovative use of high grade elastic makes the wallet highly expandable while maintaining a handsome look. Crafted from full-grain leather, it has two card slots at the front.

The back has two elastic pockets for cash and credit cards; the elastic pockets are expandable to hold a great deal of cash and credit cards. There is one additional small pocket on the back to hold receipts or a key for quick access. The wallet is handmade in India and features a minimalistic design in a classic Coffee color which makes it a perfect fit for any style savvy guy.

Pre-order the KENETTE wallet on Indiegogo.

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