How to Wear Your Hair Long: 26 Best Long Haircuts for Men


How to Wear Your Hair Long 10 Best Long Haircuts for Men-kit harrington

Ancient history teaches us that men wore long hair as a sign of strength and power, which sounds quite different from the modern stereotypes. Luckily trends have switched in the past few seasons and men are again sporting their long locks confidently. If they ment a sing of rebellion in the 90s’ the contemporary men show off their unique style wearing long hair that’s often accompanied by unshaved face. Beards work as a counterweight and give that long hairstyle a certain edge. Celebrities like Jared Leto have fully embraced this look and quickly became style inspiration to many men who want to break from the mainstream. Long hair along with a bushy beard is the new kind of badass. Furthermore we spotted a few other long styles that are becoming very popular among celebrities as well as on the streets. In this post we present 26 best long haircuts for men and a few tips on styling them.

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