Treat Your Skin Like Gold: Orogold Cosmetics


Luxury isn’t just about the material, it’s also about what we do for ourselves and how we treat our bodies. With that in mind, we’d like to introduce you to OROGOLD Cosmetics, a luxury, anti-aging cosmetics line that restores the youthful appearance of skin with the main active ingredient, 24K gold. It’s not just about showing off, gold actually works wonders for the skin. It improves its firmness, regaining elasticity and freshness, enhancing the body’s natural responses for healing and regeneration due to the effects of sun damage, aging and other environmental factors. The line includes products such as Men’s Deep Pore Cleanser, Pre-Shave Facial Serum, Aftershave Balm and Men’s Hydrating Moisturizer, all ranging from $118 to $198. If you’re looking to treat your skin with only the best, than a little bit of gold will make you feel like Louis XIV.

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orogold 24k mens series

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