How to Get Dapper Hair: New York Streets Dry Shampoo, TAR & More


New York Streets-my-dry-shampoo-tar

New York Streets is much like the city itself – edgy, artistic, diverse and always stylish. It`s made for people who identify themselves with those words and demand quality products that will style their trendy hairdos and save a bad hair day when that bad day occures.

New York Streets-ny-star-TAR TAR by New York Streets $16

TAR is a versatile texturizing hair product with a medium hold that brings form, control and movement to your hair. It`s easy to apply and can be used to create an undone look as well as neat sleek everyday look.


Dry shampoo by New York Streets $17

This is a perfect product for all of those who are always on the go and sometimes just can`t find the time to attend to their hair. Oily hair is probably everyone`s enemy No.1 and dealing with it can be stressful at times. Dry shampoo will take care of that. It will bring back life to your hair and make a clean, odor-free and voluminous look.


Doop by New York Streets $20

For styling your hair without that undesirable greasy look Doop is your best choice of product. It`s paraben-free, easy to use and easy to wash out. It`s the perfect styling product for any hairdo.

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