Dyer & Jenkins Classic Tee Has a Good Cause

When comparing basic t-shirts according to their origin and pricing, there’s one brand that stands way in front of all the others. Dyer & Jenkins Classic Tee is made in America and is retailed at incredible $15. And without compromising the quality, which all the “Made in China” tees can’t really ensure. And to top it all with a good cause, Dyer & Jenkins is working on boosting the economy in these hardest of times. For every 1000 pieces of Classic Tee sold in a month, they will create a new job in America.

We tried these shirts out and love them. They have a fantastic feel to the fabric, and for $15 it can’t be beat. I’m excited to get more of these shirts and dump my old calvin klein shirts I bought from Amazon.

Shop for the Classic Tee at Dyer & Jenkins.


Dyer & Jenkins Classic Tee Now has a Cause (1)

Dyer & Jenkins Classic Tee Now has a Cause (2)

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