15 Best Sports Headphones for Working Out & Running



It’s fair to say that we’re all in a constant search for the perfect pair of headphones. We’ve all had the Apple iPhone headphones, and we also have had the five dollar pharmacy pair. However, neither of those two pairs quite meet our expectations for everyday listening let alone working out and running. For the times that you’re jamming out to BPM hits on the treadmill, it is so important to have a great pair of headphones. With the right pair you will no longer have to worry about the buds ripping from your ear or the dreaded skipping of tracks. To save you from the continual suffering, we created this list of what we believe are the 15 best sport headphones on the market.

Beats By Dre: Powerbeats 2 Wireless


Beats are some of the highest quality consumer headphones. While many find this pair to be overpriced, these headphones are a great investment. The greatest feature of the Powerbeats 2 is that it is wireless. This will help allow and encourage a wider range of movements through out your workout, without worrying about disconnecting the AUX plug. The second best feature is that this pair is sweat resistant, which will ensure to keep the music playing.

Powerbeats2 Wireless, $199.95

Monster: iSport Intensity


This pair of Monster headphones are also sweat resistant and wireless. The best feature this pair has to offer is how lightweight they are, causing no discomfort at all! One downside to the iSport Intensity is that the sound these headphone’s produce has been reviewed as less clean and developed, but it is still audible. The ear bud features what Monster likes to refer to as an “OmniTips”. This feature allows outside noise pollution to still be heard over your music, which is great if your working out in a traffic zone.

iSport Intensity, $149.95

Bowers & Wilkins: C5 Series 2


These headphones have a newly redesigned drive units to help improve the sound quality produced. If you’re looking for headphones that deliver a better sound while you work out, the C5 Series 2 is a prime option. You can also adjust the headphones to comfortably fit your ear. Keep in mind that this pair may not be a great option for those of you without an Apple product, considering it is an i0s dependent product.

C5 Series 2, $179.99

Monster: iSport Freedom


This is the most serious wireless headphones Monster has to offer. The Bluetooth pair delivers a strong sound that will keep place around your head. iSport Freedom allows you to move around at any pace without the distraction of wires and the worry of losing your ear piece. Most importantly, the Freedom headphones are high quality constructed ensuring that you will hardly suffer any damage to your product with the proper care.

iSport Freedom, $249.95

Plantronics: BackBeat GO 2


Compared to our other top listing headphones, these Plantronics GO 2’s are more economically friendly. If you’re looking to save a few bucks but still rock a pair of premium headphones, this pair is perfect for you. The GO 2’s also feature the same sweat-proof wireless functions. These two features are so vital to maintain a great workout while bumping to some beats. A 14.5 battery life is another awesome part of this product. Figure of you pack a 2 hour workout into your day, these headphones can go one week without charging! It was overall rated a 3.2 out of 5 stars on the Plantronics’s website, which is not bad at all!

BackBeat Go 2, $99.99

Westone: ADV Alpha


These headphones are perfect if you want to hear the bass in all its glory! The Westone Alpha earpieces deliver a strong bass, but it doesn’t overpower the ambience behind the sounds. Many users enjoy the comfortable fit supported by the headphone’s design. A great feature for working out includes the reflective wires. If you are out on the road in the dark, these headphones may just prevent you from going noticed by drivers around you.

ADV Alpha, $149.99

JAYS: a-Jays Five


Considering the $60 cost of these v-Jays headphones, this is an incredible steal. While the headphones play a clear sound, we are more so impressed by the overall design. Despite the simple appearance, there is much more behind the headphone’s build. The tangle-free cord will allow you to jump around without creating a mess out of your wires while working out. The high durability of this design is a pro when it comes to investing in great headphones. The lightweight ear buds make your earpiece a very portable product.

a-Jays Five, $100

Polk- UltraFit 3000


This sweat-resistant headphone produces a clear sound will supporting a comfortable position for your ear. The greatest part of this headphone is the wide variety of accessories included with its purchase. Some of these accessories include interchangeable cords, including one with a microphone. The cable attached to these headphones are tangle resistant, which as mentioned earlier are great for working out. The UltraFit 3000’s are made for the iPhone, if you are an Android user you may be unable to enjoy some of the features these headphones offer.

Ultrafit 3000, $99.95

Jaybird- Bluebuds X


These headphones sport Bluetooth capabilities and produce remarkable sound. The Puresound technology created by Jaybird eliminates all the white noise produced in regular headphones. The BluebudsX feature a voice prompt software and are sweat-proof. The buds offer a dual fit option for a snug fit and allows for free movement. Music is also delivered sip free in the outdoors with the help of the signal plus feature.

Bluebuds X, $169.95

Skullcandy: Fix


The form of this ear bud’s design ensures that there is minimal movement out of the ear canal. This is helpful when working out so you can avoid getting distracted by repositioning your ear piece. The attached remote to the wires makes it easily accessible to customize music tracks and sound levels. Noise-isolating acoustics help in blocking out any additional background noises. The best part of the Skullcandy Fix headphone’s is the extremely affordable price.

Fix, $49.99

Sennheiser: PMX 680 Sports


These headphones are exceptionally great for cardio packed workouts. The unique placement design allows the music to effectively flow through your ear during a run. The back piece lays on the back of your neck while wrapping into the ear once it meets the ear bud. Due to this unconventional design, it may be difficult to get used to at first. However, once you have had time to adapt these PMX 680 headphones offer a wonderful listening experience during a run.

PMX 680 Sports, $90.55

Bose: SoundSport


Avoid ruining your headphones during a vigorous workout with these serious sweat resistant and secure Bose headphones. This pair promotes stability and durability while promising an equalized sound. This pair will fit perfectly in your ear and is so lightweight you will forget you even have them on. The silicone earpiece is very soft and helps allow minimal ambient sounds pass through.

SoundSport, $149.95

LG: FR74 Heart Rate Monitor Ear Phones


You will no longer need to carry around a handful of tech items in the gym with this sophisticated pair of earphones. This product features a real time heart rate tracking monitor along with custom fit ear buds. Despite the total convenience factor of the LG FR74’s, it’s accuracy will help support and monitor a healthy workout. A built-in mic is also featured to help make answering phone calls a little easier.

FR74 Heart Rate, $179.99

Sol Republic: Relays


Sol Republic’s patented Feelflex design supports a universal fit and simple design. This means that you won’t have an ear bud popping out every second. Through the compact design, your music will push out an extra pump to get the pure sound flowing. The lightweight and water resistant design makes it a great product for working out. Even though it is unlikely you may experience any issues with the Relays, Sol Republic offers a one year warranty on the product.

Relays, $79.99

Yurbuds: Inspire 400


Yurbud’s TwistLock technology allows you to listen to quality ambient sound, while knowing you ear bud is secure in your ear. It is claimed that they are “made to move” just like you. It is so beneficial to have great music playing during your workout, so don’t ruin it with the frustration of losing an ear bud. The three button remote allows you to easily access voice control, music, and phone calls.  It was rated a 5 out of 5 stars by customers on the Yurbud website.

Inspire 400, $49.99

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