23 Ways to Earn United Airline Miles without Flying



We’ve made a pledge that 2014 is going to be the year of First Class flying without paying first class prices. How do we do that? Airline miles. It’s possible to get an $11,000 First Class Roundtrip ticket from the US to Europe for just 135,000 United miles. To help you get these miles, we’ve put together a list of ways to collect United.com airline miles without stepping foot on a flight.

There are many ways of getting that extra mile, it’s just about finding the right the approach that fits your needs. You might find out that you already use some of these suggestions, you just need to take advantage of them and cash in your flight miles. You might reconsider changing your credit card for an airline card and getting loads of miles there or shopping online at stores that you already adore and earn some extra miles with everyday purchases.

Some of the options are as simple as renting a car at a rental service that has a deal with an airline, same goes for hotel chains and even restaurants. Finally a reward for clicking a Facebook “like” button, testing promotional merchandise and watching TV. Yes, you got that right, cashing on your free flight by watching Game of Thrones.

We suggest putting together a game plan to achieve your flight goals. Where do you want to go this year, and how many miles will it take? Based on that, plan to use this article as a template to reach your mile goals.

1. Signup for Rocketmiles

23 Ways to Earn United Airline Miles without Flying-rocketmilles

You will get 1,000 miles when completing your first booking at Rocketmiles. Book a hotel trough Rocketmiles for the same rates, get thousands of airline miles – up to 5,000 per night and use your miles to reach your dream destination faster. Rockemiles has the best offers and covers thousands of cities worldwide.

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