Use These Tricks to Get a Discount On Your Next AirBNB


Have you ever wanted to get discounts on your next AirBNB? Well here are tricks that might help you out!

1. Use other users wish lists to find the best possible unit

AirBNB is far removed from being a tiny startup with only people’s couches listed on it.

I mean have you ever tried to find a place on there without having to browse through 5-6 pages of results?

The little trick we found is that you can search people’s wish lists on Google.

airbnb wish list

Not only do these wish lists save you time, they also open up the best deals on Airbnb properties.

So use somebody else’s work to save you time and money on your next AirBNB booking.

Keep reading for some more great tips, where we show you how to get Verified, which gives hosts an incentive to give you a bigger discount and perks not available to regular users.

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