All Of The Unbelievable Kardashian Vacations Caught On Camera


The Kardashian clan has been literally all over the world.

They’ve been to the Far East, including stops in Phuket, and Bora Bora. In Europe they’ve hit up all the top cities including Santorini, London, Florence, Versailles and Milan.

In North America Kourtney and Khloe have literally “done” Miami, The Hamptons, and Vegas.

It seems like the trips are never going to stop, especially if you consider Kylie and Kendall are taking over the reins on the Kardashian empire.

Now let’s follow in their footsteps on their epic trips.

1. Thailand

They visited Phuket in Thailand. That is in the year of 2014. They went here for a vacation.

2. Greece

They visited Santorini and Mykonos. That is in the year of 2013. They went here for a vacation.

3. Las Vegas

They have visited Las Vegas. They have visited last 2015. They went here for clubbing.

4. Montana

They visited Montana in the year 2015. They went here to film a dog sled adventure for the reality television show.

5. Bora Bora

They went on a vacation in Bora Bora in the year 2011. They went here for a holiday.

6. Armenia

They visited Armenia in the year 2015. The Kardashian family has always wanted to visit Armenia.

7. London

They visited London in the year in 2012 and 2016. Where in 2016, Kourtney Kardashian went to the upcoming Glamour Women of the year awards.

8. Dominican Republic

They visited Casa De Campo. That is in the year 2012. They went there for a vacation.

9. Mexico

They visited Punta Mita beach. They visited Punta Mita in the year of 2014 and 2016. They went there for a holiday.

10. Paris

They visited Paris. They visited in the year 2015. Kim Kardashian flew to Paris just to eat a slice of her favorite cheesecake.

11. Florence

The Kardashians were in Florence when it was Kim and Kayne’s wedding. It was on the year of 2014.

12. St. Barths

The Kardashians stayed in St. Barths. That was in 2015. They went there for a holiday.

13. Spain

The kardashians visited Madrid. Kim also visited Spain for a photoshoot with vogue. This was in the year of 2015.


14. The Bahamas

This was a trip in Bahamas of Kourtney Kardashian. This was this year, 2016. They went here for a vacation.


15. Miami, Florida

The kardashians visiting Miami Beach, Florida. They went here to swim in the beach.

16. New York City

A Kardashian took the streets in New York City. She went to New York just to visit.

17. Mexico

Kardashian Family strolling the beach in Mexico. They went here for a holiday.

18. England

A Kardashian storming the streets in England. Kim Kardashian attended the 2016 vogue 100 gala in London, England.


19. Santorini

The Kardashians strolling the streets in Santorini. They went here for a vacation.

20. Utah

The Kardashians enjoying their vacation in Utah. They are enjoying skiing.

21. Versailles

Khloe in the garden in Versailles. Versailles is the place where Kim and Kayne rehearsed their wedding.


22. Phuket

Kim taking a picture with an elephant in Phuket Villa. They were here for a vacation.

23. Vienna

Here is Kim visiting Vienna and attends an Opera Ball. She has a lot of paparazzi.

24. Santa Barbara

The Kardashians roller blading in Santa Barbara. They are enjoying their time together.


25. San Diego

Here is Kourtney taking Mason to the zoo in San Diego.