Dominique Ansel Just Threw a Party for People Waiting in Line for Cookie Shots


Dominique Ansel with Cookie Shot and Balloons Dominique Ansel Throws a Party for People Waiting in Line for Cookie Shots

In honor of “Do Something Nice Day” which is celebrated on October 5th, Dominique Ansel swapped milk for new Baileys Chocolate Cherry and baked a limited edition of Chocolate Cherry Cookie Shots inspired by the latest variant. If you missed the awesome party in front the Dominique Ansel Bakery, you can treat yourself with a delicious Cookie Shot and do something good for others in the process. All proceeds from complimentary Cookie Shots will benefit 100 Good Deeds: Bracelets for a Cause. Each bracelet is hand crafted by women in developing countries, allowing them to earn a dignified livelihood and meant to be worn as a reminder to spread positivity through good deeds. Believe us, it’s a line worth waiting in!

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